The sell-out body scrub hailed for curing acne AND cellulite is back in stock

Finding a hero product which feels like a dream come true for fixing a problem such as acne is rare, right? What if we told you there is a product that users are claiming fixes TWO problems! Yes that’s right, two.

The reason why we are so excited about this now is because after waiting and waiting, the hero product is back in stock. And, as expected, the internet is once again raving about their excitement and their great results from using the product.

The product in question is Frank Body Shimmer Scrub. Praised for it’s natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil and vitamin E, the scrub is hailed for moitsurising, brightening and tightening skin all over the body. The use of roasted coffee grinds (which Frank claim is ‘the best exfoliator in the universe’), buffs away dirt and dry skin – perfect for tackling acne and blemishes. This, combined with salt and sugar makes a winning formula for tackling other skin hang ups such as cellulite and stretch marks. Sounds great right?


Yet another reason why people love the scrub is because of the way it leaves your skin feeling and smelling. The product has even won rave reviews online with comments on Instagram such as ‘It’s amazing!!! I’m so sparkly and soft and I seriously went to lick my own It smells so good’.

Now obviously we don’t expect you to lick your own arm, but the sentiment is enough to show just how lovely the product is to use, smell and in the aforementioned reviewer’s case, lick.


If you fancy adding this scrub to your washing routine but can’t afford it right now, then you’ll love the fact that Aldi have a coconut and coffee scrub for almost half the price.

Buy now, thank us later…