Secrets of a happy home: How to create a sense of wellbeing in your space

Calming colours, natural materials and a pared-back approach are all it takes to create a sense of wellbeing in your living space, say interiors bloggers Amy Brandhorst and Athina Bluff. Their philosophy? If your house is relaxed, you will be, too! 

wellbeing interiors
Plants purify the air by removing harmful toxins. Image: Carpetright
round table and chairs
Circular shapes soften the look of a room and create a sense of balance. Image: Toby Mitchell for Habitat
Living room with shelves and rug
Furniture with clean lines keeps a space minimal. Image: Toby Mitchell for Habitat
bedroom with green paint
Painting shelving the same colour as a wall creates a more cohesive feel. Image: Crown/Jon Day Photography
desk and large plant
If you work from home, place your desk by a window to enhance creativity. Image: Toby Mitchell for Habitat
shelf and hanging plants
Open shelving is easy to organise and makes a room look brighter. Image: Time Inc (UK) Limited/Paul Massey
dining table with green paint
Tap into nature with wood, rattan and ceramics. Image: Crown/ Jon Day Photography

Pare back and relax

armchair and plants
Image: Toby Mitchell for Habitat

‘Creating a clutter-free hallway sets the tone for the rooms to follow,’ says Athina. ‘Take the time to declutter your whole house so that you are left with only things that you love.’ The result? Everything will be a pleasure to use. Rattan baskets can double up as planters and are great for tidying away accessories.

Go green and serene

kitchen island with green stools
Image: James Merrell

‘Use colour psychology to enhance your home design,’ says Amy. Green tones are believed to subconsciously connect us with nature and create a calm space. ‘Try sticking to a palette of no more than three hues that you are naturally drawn to; and different shades of the same colour will give a sense of cohesion.’ A combination of pale green, sage and emerald will feel understated yet full of depth. For a similar beaded chandelier, try The bar stools are by

Celebrate imperfections

round mirror with exposed brickEschew clinical schemes in favour of a loosened-up, back-to-basics effect. In this bathroom, exposed brickwork, plenty of foliage and metal elements create a natural textural look. ‘The key is to incorporate some concealed, integrated storage too to prevent clutter build-up and keep the space looking fresh and clean,’ says Athina.

Shop the look

Pale woods, clever storage and a sprinkling of greenery… welcome to your new zen den

habitat bookcaseBookcase, £195, 

Pendant light, £317, 

Throw, £65, 

Vase, £28, 

Sleep oil, £35, 

Media unit, £1,609, 

Folding desk, £699, 

Plate, £120, 

Baskets (from left), £50 and £35, 

Plants in a bottle, £60 for three,

Self-watering planter, £70, 

Mirror, £59, 

If you’d like to find out more about ‘detoxing’ your home, go to Amy and Athina’s website They will also be running workshops in conjunction with Habitat throughout March. For details, visit