The secret fridge trick that helps you save money on your electricity bill this Christmas

Christmas is by far the most expensive time of year. Not only do we spend money on huge feasts, endless alcohol, hosting parties, and the biggest cost of all, presents for our loved ones. But the festive period can also mean increased gas and electricity bills.

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Luckily, presenter and property expert Phill Spencer has revealed a secret hack to help us all save money on energy bills this Christmas and you may not have guessed it but it involves an unusual fact about one of the most used things in our kitchens – the fridge.

The star of Channel 4’s Location Location Location has teamed up with Smart Energy GB and explains that empty fridges actually use a lot more energy than full fridges keeping things cold. Therefore, he advises to keep your fridge stocked as much as possible at all times which, if you ask us, sounds like a right treat. Who wouldn’t want endless supplies of food, eh?

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However, Spencer appreciates that keeping your fridge full is costly solution. So for those who find themselves running a bit low, he suggests a seriously clever hack – fill your fridge up with bottles of tap water to keep it full. That way, you can save energy without having to overcompensate on your weekly food shop. Genius.

And that wasn’t the only useful money-saving home trick Spencer had up his sleeve. Another helpful tip he revealed was to repair rooms with satin or semi-gloss pain, as they reflect heat better. He also explained that while we all know that replacing regular light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs is simple and easy way to save energy, we should all do it more often than we actually do as he insists it really is effective, and can save you up to £240 on energy bills.

Right, we’re off to switch out light bulbs immediately.