These are the seats you should never book when flying Ryanair

If you’ve flown with Ryanair recently, you’ll know that they’ve gone to many different lengths to try and get as much money of our their customers as possible, be it charging you for your hand luggage (yes, you now have to hold your own carry-ons) to making you pay extra to secure seats together, or even just to ensure yourself a window seat.

However, the latter has started to prove quite the problem, as it has been revealed that the Irish airline is allegedly selling window seats for some rows on their planes that doesn’t actually have a window at all.

Getty Images

This is because there are three ‘window’ seats on every Ryanair plane which do not have a window. According to a travel writer at The Telegraph, if you’re sat in 11A, 11F or 12F, the only view you’ll be getting is that of a dull plastic wall as these seats, though dubbed ‘window’ seats, do not have a window.

While Ryanair does warn customers of this with a little pop-up box when selecting the seats, many customers have missed the disclaimer and end up feeling disappointed on their day of travel. Some have even taken to social media to share hilarious images of their ‘picturesque window views.’

Ryanair isn’t the only airline with windowless seats. Fellow budget airline Easyjet also has selected rows with no windows on their planes so when flying with them, avoid seat 31A on the Airbus A320 aircraft, and 26A and 26F on the A319. British Airways is another, with no windows in seat 70A and 70K on its standard A380, and 12A, 12K, 50A and 50K in club.

Norwegian and American Airlines are also guilty with the former having no window at seats10A, 11A and 11F on Boeing 737s, while the latter is windowless in seats 12A and 12F.

So, next time you book window seats in advance, make sure you avoid you check the number very carefully.