SATC reboot And Just Like That… costume designers spill behind-the-scenes fashion secrets

After months and months of waiting, the most anticipated piece of TV is finally on our screens: the Sex and the City reboot series, And Just Like That… Unlike the whole season drops we’re used to these days, this series is coming at us in weekly instalments, eking out all the Carrie Bradshaw goodness.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin davis and Cynthia Nixon
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As well as that truly shocking first episode (and Peloton’s subsequent retaliation), we’re also heavily invested in the on-screen wardrobes of Carrie and co. As was always hoped, the outfits of our leading ladies are just as fabulous as they were in the original series. Thank goodness. The show’s costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago worked closely with SATC‘s original costume designer, the legendary Patricia Fields (who couldn’t commit to the project fully due to being busy working on Emily in Paris), to get the mood just right.

Danny Santiago spoke to E! about how they evolved the main characters’ looks to their mid-fifties age range in 2021 – and first, they went even bolder.

‘One thing we did want to do, because of the time and coming out of Covid, we wanted to really make things happy and bright and have fun that way. I think, if anything, you will see some more colour surprises.’

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They also had fun ‘finding new designers, finding new people, new accessories, and things like that to incorporate into their wardrobes,’ explained Molly Rogers. ‘What we thought would be daunting would be the stores that we loved that had closed, smaller stores and large stores like Century 21 that you literally lived in that store when you did episodic television in New York.’

Of course, as much as we love to see the return of our favourite characters, with the world of SATC it’s as much about witnessing the return of certain iconic accessories and pieces of clothing, like Carrie’s studded ‘Roger’ belt or that purple sequinned Fendi purse.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That
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‘We were so lucky that Sarah Jessica has an archive of almost everything,’ Danny said. ‘She kept all of these beautiful pieces that people have so much love for. These pieces were so important they played such important roles in the show and the movies. The fans love these things. They are like characters in the movie and the fact that she has them, we thought, what a great way to bring them back out again? That people are going to be able to see and appreciate it and love it and pick out.’

As for how the wardrobe fittings for And Just Like That… go? ‘There’s bubbles in the refrigerator, but we stay sober for the fittings!’ said Molly.

Then it’s a case of SJP, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis going through the racks playing ‘kiss or kill’: ‘Kiss: It stays in the room. Kill: It goes outside on the reject rack,’ explained Molly. She also revealed that SJP’s editing process is often very fast, as she ‘has a very refined, quick eye.’

‘She’ll linger on something and be like, “Hmmm, I wonder where I could wear this because it’s odd or it’s really different or I’ve never seen that.” She wants to know where we found it. I think her curiosity and her knowledge, she will try on anything because she wants to see if it will work.’