You can now buy Sarah Jessica Parker’s wine at Sainsbury’s

Sarah Jessica Parker can turn her hand to pretty much anything, be it acting and directing, perfume creation, or clothes and accessories design. And her most recent venture proves she really is as multi-faceted as we predicted, as it sees our favourite Sex And The City star take on the world of wine.

Sarah Jessica Parker wine

In a somewhat surprising move, SJP has conquered the world of wine, collaborating with one of New Zealand’s most prominent wineries in order to create her very own bottle.

The star has paired up with Invivo, a New Zealand winery founded by wine connoisseurs Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, to create her perfect Sauvignon Blanc. Lightbourne and Cameron visited SJP in New York for a ‘private blending session’ to finalise the bottle.

The wine itself is said to have notes of grapefruit, honeysuckle and citrus zest, making it ‘beautifully balanced’.

Speaking about her experiences making her wine (aptly named X, SJP), Parker said: ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Rob and Tim from Invivo.

Sarah Jessica Parker's wine

Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc, £12, Sainsbury’s

‘Every part of the process from our initial conversations discussing wine styles, to the creative process on the brand and label design and of course, the Sauvignon Blanc blending session; it’s all been one exciting step after another. And a thrilling education in the business of winemaking, but more importantly, the love and passion behind Invivo.’

While the wine sounds delicious, we are equally as taken with the packaging, which also has a special meaning behind it. Sarah Jessica actually hand painted the X on the original label, and chose a teal paint which matched the shade of her favourite satin shoe colourways from her very own SJP Collection label.

Invivo X, SJP, is sold exclusively in Sainsbury’s stores for a purse-friendly £12. We can also expect another wine come spring 2020, which SJP announced will be a rosé from the South of France.