Your salon could charge you extra for overgrown roots and bad DIY dye jobs

Hairdressers, along with restaurants, hotels and camping sites, are among the selection of businesses that have been given the green light to reopen from 4 July. That news has obviously been music to many people’s ears and it’s no surprise that hairdressing salons have been inundated with appointment bookings – hair and beauty bookings platform Treatwell experienced a record +2,250 per cent surge in demand for appointments following the UK government announcement earlier this week.

While many of us have wondered what a trip to the hairdressers will look like after lockdown, it turns out we should also be double checking how much a visit is going to cost us, as some people have been left shocked at the amount they’ve been quoted for their first post-lockdown salon visit.

hairdresser dyeing roots
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While celebs like Holly Willoughby cheerful encouraged us to get creative at home with DIY dye kits to cover up growing roots during lockdown, it turns out that our hairdressers aren’t quite so enthusiastic about these home methods, and they might charge you more to get your hair back to its perfect, shiny former self.

Peter Mark, a leading hair salon in Ireland, is charging customers an extra €45-60 fee if they’ve used an at-home dye kit during lockdown or their roots have grown out longer than normal. The salon has explained that they are introducing three new services: a ‘colour extend service’, a ‘colour detox service’ and a ‘colour restore service’.

The colour extend service will apply if your roots have grown out longer than 2cm, while the colour detox service has been introduced to eliminate patchy uneven results and unwanted dark tones that may be the result of using a home box dye.

But that’s not all – even if you left your hair well alone for the whole of lockdown, Peter Mark salons still recommend that you should take their colour restore service, which aims to ‘improve and restore the condition and vitality of your hair’.

Peter Mark explained on social media this week: ‘To adjust for the time that has elapsed since your last salon service our teams may need to perform one of three technical applications… These are to address long regrowth, uneven or patchy colour and hair that has faded. These additional technical services may require a longer appointment time and should be factored into your salon visit.’

hairdresser dyeing roots
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Naturally, this move has been met with criticism. Comments such as ‘I can’t believe Peter Mark is expecting customers to pay the prices outlined here’ have appeared on Peter Mark’s Facebook page, while another said: ‘It’s a money racket. I know they have lost out on so much business over the last few months but seriously this is no way to keep clients.’

A spokeswoman for Peter Mark told The Irish Mirror that the added costs clients might see added to their bill on their first appointment are to ‘restore their hair to its former colour and this will take extra time and product.’

They added: ‘A client can say they don’t want the extra service based on the consultation with their stylist. However if the stylist has examined their hair and feels it’s necessary, it would come with the caveat that all of their grey for example might not be covered if they decided not to go for the extended root growth service.’

Just something to bear in mind before you rush to book your first post-lockdown hair appointment.