Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends is coming to the BBC

Ever since its release last month, the brilliantly compulsive TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Normal People has catapulted itself into our hearts (and nightly TV viewing schedules). It seems no one can get enough of Marianne and Connell or their tender coming-of-age tale of first love, and we’re soon to be left with a Normal People-sized hole in our lives – if you haven’t already ploughed your way through all 12 episodes on BBC iPlayer, that is.

Normal People

Alas, you do still have something to look forward to, as the BBC has given the green light to a dramatisation of Rooney’s lauded 2017 debut novel, Conversations with Friends, which earned the author her reputation as ‘the first great millennial author’.

Conversations with Friends book cover

Rooney will again collaborate with Oscar-nominated Irish auteur Lenny Abrahamson and Royal Court playwright Alice Birch (both of whom have worked on the production of Normal People) to produce the new series. In a statement, the author said: ‘I am so pleased to be working with the team at Element, Lenny Abrahamson and the BBC to produce an adaptation of Conversations with Friends.’

Here’s everything we know so far about the exciting adaptation…

The plot

Set in Dublin, the novel, which Rooney wrote in just three months and was published when she was 26, follows a year in the life of 21-year-old protagonist Frances as she and her ex-girfriend Bobbi become increasingly involved in a complex ‘love quadrilateral’ with an older, sophisticated married couple, Nick and Melissa. The relationships inevitably become muddled, lines are blurred and hearts are broken as their four lives collide and make lasting impacts on each other.

It’s imagined that the plot will stay fairly true to the book, however Rooney revealed in a statement that she is ‘confident we’re going to find fresh and interesting ways of dramatising the novel’s dynamics, and I’m excited to watch the process take shape.’ All we know is, with the writer heavily involved, we can rest assured it will be another achingly beautiful moment of storytelling.

Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama, stated: ‘We are all addicted to Sally Rooney’s writing and will plunder her literary canon as long as she is writing. And so, on the back of the taut and tangled Normal People we are delighted that Sally has entrusted us, and the wonderfully talented people at Element Pictures, with her debut novel Conversations With Friends. To top it all Lenny Abrahamson has agreed to continue his association with Sally to direct.’

While the storylines in Normal People and Conversations with Friends are completely unrelated, they do both explore similar themes of love, hurt, friendship and desire, and can both be categorised as coming-of-age tales and stories of first love.

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The cast

The cast has yet to be announced for the series.

The air date

Filming is yet to begin on the series, so it’s fair to assume we could be waiting a little while longer for the drama to grace our screens, but we do know that it will consist of 12 half an hour episodes and will be produced for BBC Three.

In the meantime, we can keep rewatching Normal People to keep our burgeoning Sally Rooney desire satiated, and working our way through this Normal People-esque reading list.