Sally Brompton horoscopes: 6th-12th January

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 6th-12th January 2020. So, what does the week have in store?

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019SCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

Whatever you talk about this week, whether with friends or total strangers, there is likely to be disagreement. It is always unwise around the time of a lunar eclipse to be opinionated, if only because everyone seems to have an opinion.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019SAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

Your finances may not be as healthy as you would like but nor are they as bad as you seem to fear. This is not a week for snap decisions about money or business matters – you will be far too emotional to think straight. Good news is on its way.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019CAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

Tempting though it may be to end a relationship once and for all, that little voice inside your head urges you to be cautious. There is still a chance to patch things up but that cannot possibly happen if you act first and think about it later.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019AQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

You have the strength of character to withstand any amount of pressure – be it from without or within. What others think is irrelevant – it is what you think that counts. If you are unhappy with the working pattern of your life, this is the time to change it.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019PISCES

20 Feb-20 March

If you decide to start something different you must go all the way. A new world awaits you once you make a serious effort to forget the past. Routine and tradition matter less than you may think – it’s your ability to improvise that counts.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019ARIES

21 March-20 April

If it is true that great events have small beginnings you should be able to trace this week’s remarkable developments back to something that occurred long ago. You may not have recognised its importance at the time but you will now.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019TAURUS

21 April-21 May

You cannot always be a leader – sometimes you have to just tag along and hope the person you’re following knows where they’re going. A lunar eclipse in Cancer denotes a time of rapidly changing views and alliances. Be true to yourself but be flexible too.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019GEMINI

22 May-21 June

You cannot just walk away from responsibilities. If you want to free yourself from certain duties and obligations you must expect to pay the price. If that means taking on a new load of duties and obligations might it not be better to remain where you are?

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019CANCER

22 June-23 July

If you are the kind of Cancer who enjoys a challenge you will have a wonderful week. If you prefer peace and quiet, invest in ear plugs. The lunar eclipse in your sign means voices will be raised over the next few days. One of them may be yours.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019LEO

24 July-23 Aug

You are not obliged to explain how or why you reached a certain conclusion and probably could not do so even if you tried. Experience has taught you to trust your instincts – so trust them and don’t give a damn if others say you are acting irrationally.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019VIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

If you ignore someone you don’t get along with this week you’ll miss a chance to understand why you always try to avoid certain types. Could it be you’re afraid to find out you have more in common than you care to admit? Could it be you secretly admire them?

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019LIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

The time has come to make a decision – not the kind you make every day but one that will influence the entire course of your life. Only you can make it because only you know what you really want. You must put your own needs first this week.