Sally Brompton horoscopes: 4th-10th January

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 4th-10th January 2021. So, what does the week have in store?

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

Anyone you deal with on a one-to-one basis will become rather bossy now that egotistical Mars is moving to focus on close relationships. Tread carefully but let them know you won’t be pushed around. And make it clear sooner rather than later.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

Don’t fall into the trap of fearing the worst and risk spoiling what otherwise promises to be a pretty good week. At regular intervals stop, count to ten, and remind yourself of all the reasons you have to be glad you’re alive. There are plenty of them.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

With energetic Mars in the most dynamic area of your chart, the next few weeks will be highly productive. And they will be even more so if you take the time to make the effort to bring an end to the projects you are destined never to complete.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryAQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

Family members may be touchy this week so watch what you say and don’t be tempted to stir things up. If their negativity starts to get you down go somewhere else where the vibes are more to your liking. Don’t let them make you miserable, too.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryPISCES

20 Feb-20 March

With Mars leaving the money area of your chart you won’t be so concerned about what you earn or spend. And if you’re a sociable Pisces, don’t hesitate to accept any invitations that come your way. Stop counting the costs, just have fun.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryARIES

21 March-20 April

You may wonder if some of the sacrifices you made of late were worth it. The answer will become obvious this week as new opportunities start coming your way and new people come into your life. They’re only there because you made room for them.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryTAURUS

21 April-21 May

Mars, planet of energy and ambition, enters your sign this week so no matter how active a Taurus you may be, you’ll be twice as active over the next eight weeks. Professionally and personally this is a particularly good time. Make something of it.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryGEMINI

22 May-21 June

With Mars in the most sensitive area of your chart you will start looking inwards, questioning the fundamentals of your life. This is also a phase when you can change things you don’t like about yourself and your world. You can always be better.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCANCER

22 June-23 July

Find a way to balance your self-interest with the interests of those you work with. If you can meet halfway and work together on mutual goals there’s no limit to what you can achieve. If you insist on doing things your way, expect opposition.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryLEO

24 July-23 Aug

With enterprising and aspiring Mars focusing on your career and social standing for the next eight weeks or so, you will get a chance to move up in the world. Your ambitions will know no bounds – and nor should they, because anything is possible.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryVIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

With the cosmic omens in your favour for the next few weeks, don’t even think of giving ground to anyone who puts you under pressure. Think big, act big, and ignore those with small-minded attitudes. You have what it takes to rise above their petty ways.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 3rd-9th FebruaryLIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

Read between the lines as it’s possible the real story is nothing like the one you’re hearing. Facts can conceal as well as enlighten, so if your sixth sense says there is more to it than meets the eye, do a bit of digging to find out what is really going on.