Sally Brompton horoscopes: 30th December-5th January

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 30th December-5th January 2019. So, what does the week have in store?

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019SCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

Mercury in Capricorn makes you restless and hyperactive but if you move too far in one direction you will have to compensate by going even further in another. All that activity and
nothing to show for it. You’ll be happier if you keep things simple this week.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019SAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

Mercury leaves your sign today and then aspects disruptive Uranus. So in one way or another you must expect dramatic changes in the days ahead. Whether you see them as
good or bad is irrelevant – what matters is that you’re ready for them.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019CAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

 Start planning for your future today. Mercury in your birth sign in harmony with Uranus, planet of changes, means that certain parts of your lifestyle are going to alter. Nothing
major will happen for some weeks so think ahead and prepare yourself.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019AQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

Mercury, planet of the mind, aspects enlightening Jupiter in the most secretive angle of your chart this week – which means you probably won’t be the life and soul of the party.
You will, however, be in tune with the music of the spheres.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019PISCES

20 Feb-20 March

Ignorance is no excuse, even if you are genuinely unaware of a friend’s predicament
it’s only because you’re focusing on less important things. Someone close needs your help and you won’t feel very proud of yourself if you fail to give it.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019ARIES

21 March-20 April

Slowly but surely your ambitions are changing. As yet the change is subtle and easy to ignore but you’ll find that your needs, desires and values have altered radically. It may be that your material demands take second place to something else entirely.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019TAURUS

21 April-21 May

You’re not the type to give up on something just because it is difficult. On the contrary, it is the challenge that excites you. But at times it’s wise to back off a bit and wait until the odds improve – and this is one of them. Be patient and you cannot lose.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019GEMINI

22 May-21 June

When your heart tells you one thing and your head another which do you listen to? That depends on the problem. Romantic issues should be resolved intuitively this week. Professional and financial questions must be dealt with on a practical level.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019CANCER

22 June-23 July

Mercury’s entry into Capricorn suggests that you need to be more open about what you want and expect of others. They may not always agree with you but if you communicate
honestly there will be less chance of embarrassing misunderstandings.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019LEO

24 July-23 Aug

Try as you might to hide your feelings, something you do or say will give the game away, making others wonder why you act so coy. The strength of your emotions may bewilder you but they’re nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re your most endearing feature.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019VIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

A friend or colleague may sound convincing but if you think about it for just a few seconds you will realise how little they really know. The louder others shout this week, the less
they have to say. Listen to the still, small voice within – it knows all the answers.

sally brompton horoscopes 9th - 15th December 2019LIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

So many things in your life seem urgent, needing to be dealt with before they get worse. Or do they? How many times have you been in a similar situation? And how many times
did it work out in the end? Don’t upset yourself over things that don’t matter.