Sally Brompton horoscopes: 22nd-28th June

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 22nd-28th June 2020. So, what does the week have in store?

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

If you ask the same old questions don’t be surprised when you get the same old answers. Approach a seemingly insoluble problem from a different angle this week and see what effect it has. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer will open your mind to new possibilities.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

You are unnecessarily anxious about the future, and what occurs in the next 48 hours may add to your worries in unexpected ways. But once Mars enters Aries next weekend you’ll start to see that what you have to look forward to far outweighs your fears.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

Even if you’re inclined to forgive and forget, a little voice at the back of your mind should tell you to get tough with someone who has taken one too many liberties. If you don’t react strongly now, the situation will require even more drastic action at a later date.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryAQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

Any minor health issues which surface over the next few days are linked directly to your work regime. You seem to have pushed yourself too hard in one direction. Get plenty of rest between now and next weekend, even if it means missing a deadline.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryPISCES

20 Feb-20 March

Something in your life needs changing: you know what it is and what must be done. You also know this is the perfect time to deal with it. Nobody can force you to act but, if you don’t, you may have to wait a very long time before you get another chance.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryARIES

21 March-20 April

Today’s Eclipse will throw relationship problems into sharp relief. But if you’re observant of the ways others react, it should be obvious what needs doing to resolve the issue once and for all. Whether or not you do so is, of course, another matter entirely.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryTAURUS

21 April-21 May

You may think you know everything about a certain person – but how much of what you see is real, and how much an act? You may be surprised, even shocked, by what you discover but the real surprise is how easily you were taken in.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryGEMINI

22 May-21 June

Don’t instantly run to help a colleague or loved one who asks for your immediate assistance. It’s likely they could quite easily take care of the problem themselves but they know you find it hard to resist a cry for help. don’t allow yourself to be taken for granted.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCANCER

22 June-23 July

The next few weeks will be among the most heartening and exciting of the year. Today’s Solar Eclipse in your sign will brighten your outlook, boost your confidence and give you the courage to start out on a path or plan that will transform your life.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryLEO

24 July-23 Aug

It’s not like you to be intimidated by situations or people you have no reason to fear. So don’t let a sudden blip in your confidence undermine your belief in your ability to compete at the highest level. You can rise to any challenge, so do so.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryVIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

There’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking and this is a time to let your imagination roam far and wide. Even if an idea seems outrageous initially, a little more thought should convince you that there is a way to turn it into a profitable reality.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 3rd-9th FebruaryLIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

You’ve had your share of problems in recent weeks but today’s midheaven Solar Eclipse will help you to put them in perspective. You might also remind an employer or someone else in a position of influence that they cannot afford to overlook your talents.