Sally Brompton horoscopes: 11th – 17th November

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 11th-17th November 2019. So, what does the week have in store?


24 Oct-22 Nov

Stop focusing on what sets you apart from others; instead pay attention to what you have in common. To make the best of this week’s Taurus Full Moon, ignore differences of opinion which are not worth arguing over and talk about the things you agree on.


23 Nov-21 Dec

A point of no return looms. You can finally admit to yourself that some of the assumptions you’ve run your life on are no longer valid. But don’t rush to replace them as you won’t know what you really want until the Sun enters your sign on 22 November.


22 Dec-20 Jan

Try not to say anything upsetting or walk out on a project you were enjoying. There will be teething problems and differences of opinion but they’re nothing compared to what you’re trying to achieve. If you can’t keep your temper, keep your distance.


21 Jan-19 Feb

You must now decide to follow your dream with all its problems or live a relatively quiet life without the trappings of success. The Sagittarian Sun urges you to be more ambitious; the Gemini Full Moon wants you to take things easy. Make your choice.


20 Feb-20 March

A Taurus Full Moon will make minor disputes seem more important than they are and if you overreact in one direction you’ll have to pay for it in another. No need to be soft but control your temper and take care not to do anything stupid.


21 March-20 April

having made some assumptions and drawn conclusions, it may surprise you to find that you still have doubts as to whether you’ve got it right. however, don’t change direction yet. Trust your initial instincts, especially where financial issues are concerned.


21 April-21 May

Partners and loved ones will be passionately friendly or unduly distant this week. A Taurus Full Moon warns you not to jump to conclusions as there’s nothing to worry about. Unproven accusations create more trouble than good.


22 May-21 June

These are challenging times and you probably fear your life could fall apart at any time – but it won’t. In a few days you’ll notice a definite pattern to events and once you identify it you can find ways to make your life simpler and less restrictive.


22 June-23 July

It may be annoying that someone can’t make up their mind as fast as you, but making a big issue of it will increase their doubts. letting them think you’re not really bothered whether the deal goes through or not will speed them up immeasurably.


24 July-23 Aug

The Full Moon highlights both family and professional issues so you’ll be torn between two equally inviting extremes and have the added complication of not wanting to offend either side. Prevaricate and you might find a decision has been made for you.


24 Aug-23 Sept

Too much of your time is being taken up by trivia. Start to cut back to avoid problems later. Do too much for others and they’ll expect it of you all the time. If that’s where you already are, Tuesday’s Full Moon will fuel your outrage and help you to resolve it.


24 Sept-23 Oct

Typical librans tend to be indecisive but something that happens around the time of Tuesday’s Full Moon will encourage you to take risks and make a decision you’re likely to regret. Be careful what you decide: it may be the opposite of what you should do.