Sally Brompton horoscopes: 10th-16th May 2021

YOU’s resident astrologer Sally Brompton reveals your horoscope for 10th-16th May 2021. So, what does the week have in store?

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySCORPIO

24 Oct-22 Nov

Time is not a factor in what you are doing so there is no need to impose deadlines. The more pressure you put on yourself the more likely you are to make a mistake and have to do it again. Relax – everything will work out for the best in the end.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuarySAGITTARIUS

23 Nov-21 Dec

You’ll be in a romantic mood this week as Venus, planet of love, moves to focus on partnerships. The danger is you’ll put the one you adore on a towering pedestal and feel devastated when they fall off. You are only human, as are those you love.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCAPRICORN

22 Dec-20 Jan

Someone you are fond of will ask you to cover up for them this week and you will be tempted to do so. If you do, the planets warn they will pay dearly for it later. Maybe you should suggest, gently, that it might be wise to face the music now.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryAQUARIUS

21 Jan-19 Feb

As Venus enters one of the most loving areas of your chart you will feel more affectionate and forgiving towards relatives and friends. Even strangers will be attracted to you over the next few days. They will sense your warmth and big heart.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryPISCES

20 Feb-20 March

You are changing things all over the place – rarely have you been so active on so many levels. However, you do need to take it easy occasionally and if you are sensible you will do so at some point this week. Try spending more time with your family.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryARIES

21 March-20 April

At times the people you deal with on a daily basis make you want to scream with frustration, which cannot be good for your health. Your task this week is to release all that pent-up emotional energy in a way that does you good without harming others.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryTAURUS

21 April-21 May

Anything creative will go well and, possibly, profitably this week. Money should not be your prime motive but a Taurus New Moon and your ruler Venus moving in your favour make it a potential plus. If you enjoy what you’re doing it’s even more likely.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryGEMINI

22 May-21 June

With Venus in your sign you may not feel like making much of an effort this week. In fact, if you feel like watching the world go by, that is fine. There’s no cosmic law that says you must be busy at all times. Be an observer rather than a doer for once.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryCANCER

22 June-23 July

You seem unbeatable just now and maybe you are. However, everyone has weaknesses and one of them – pride – could be your undoing. The fact that all is going well now does not mean it will always be this easy. Take too much for granted at your peril.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryLEO

24 July-23 Aug

There are those who may be hoping you will fall flat on your face, but most people are willing you on to succeed. Ask for help if you need it – you don’t have to soldier on alone. You have friends – good ones – and they want you to use them.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 20th-26th JanuaryVIRGO

24 Aug-23 Sept

With Venus, planet of material and emotional values, at your chart’s midheaven, you’ll have to decide which is more important to you – love or ambition. You can, of course, have both but if you’re wise you will put personal happiness before professional success.

Sally Brompton horoscopes: 3rd-9th FebruaryLIBRA

24 Sept-23 Oct

You have been pushing yourself hard recently – maybe you know this is one of those ‘now or never’ times. However, you will achieve more long term if you balance your physical and intellectual efforts with a relaxation technique such as learning meditation.