This supermarket rosé wine contains less sugar than broccoli

Calling all lovers of a glass of chilled rosé – there’s a bottle on the supermarket shelves that’s much lower in sugar that you might expect.

Although the majority of rosé wine tends to be sweet by nature, they are not all created equal – and if you do your research, you’ll find that there are some bottles on the shelves that are less sugary than a serving of vegetables. No, really!

The experts at Women’s Health magazine have crunched the numbers and found that Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Bordeaux Rosé, which costs just £7.50, contains just 0.2g of sugar per litre – that’s less than the amount you’d find in a cup of broccoli.

While we’re not saying wine is an acceptable alternative for your 5-a-day, if you’re going to drink it regardless, choosing Sainsbury’s low-sugar rosé wine over some of the alternatives could save you a significant amount of your daily sugar allowance.

Plus, although the benefits of red wine are also preached about, the process for making rosé is similar, which means you may be able to reap some of them from the Bordeaux too.

For instance, Women’s Health reports that studies have found rosé wine to be higher in antioxidants than white wine, and studies have shown that those who drink pink have a 13% lower risk of cancer than white wine drinkers.



Taste the Difference Bordeaux Rose, £7.50, Sainsbury’s

Of course, drinking in moderation is always recommended, and you should note that the calorie count between alcohol and vegetables is (unsurprisingly) still dramatically different too. One glass of the Sainsbury’s wine is 90 calories, whilst a cup of broccoli is around 31 calories, for instance.

If you do choose to indulge in a glass or two of Taste the Difference Bordeaux, you’ll enjoy  a bouquet of ‘succulent red berry flavours with a refreshing, crisp finish.’

Sainsbury’s recommend pairing the wine with grilled chicken and light salads, making it the perfect drink to serve on a summer’s evening.