Sainsbury’s festive food offerings include an edible cracker and wreath

Christmas is the best time of year for dedicated foodies, and this year’s offerings from Sainsbury’s are sure to delight even the hardest-to-impress among us.

On the menu this year is a whole host of unique foodie goods, from edible crackers and wreaths to puddings shaped like Santa hats. The range also features covetable Taste The Difference luxury goods, and new additions you won’t have seen in previous years.

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2019In terms of savoury foods, this year has to be about the edible Christmas cracker and wreath, which are unlike anything we have ever seen before. The Taste The Difference Pork, Sage and Stuffing Wreath is the perfect foodie centre piece for boxing day, as is the cracker that’s packed full with cured gammon fillet, sweet chestnut stuffing, black pudding stuffing and pork fillet. Oh, and it’s also wrapped up in bacon.

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2019Veggies and vegans shouldn’t be discouraged, however, as there are plenty of meat-free options on offer this year, including the ironically named ‘Pups In Blankets,’ which consist of the Sainsbury’s vegan Shroompups, wrapped in vegan streaky rashers.

But what really helps Sainsbury’s stand apart from the crowd this year is its sweets selection. Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing selection so far, our picks have to be the Strawberries and Cream Santa Hats, as well as the incredible Santa’s Raspberry
Belly Cheesecake.

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2019

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2019Perhaps the star of the show though is the Gingerbread Village Triple Layer Cake, which consists of layers of light gingerbread sponge and covered with salted caramel frosting and edible glitter.

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2019And if there’s any room after pudding? The adorable Larry the Llama, Sophie the Sloth, and Cocoa the Chocolate Pug are all to die for, and make perfect stocking presents!

Sainsbury's Christmas food 2019Finished up with a great selection of cheeses and alcoholic beverages, Sainsbury’s has Christmas totally wrapped up.