The 10 safest destinations for solo travel in 2019

Travelling alone can be overwhelming – especially if it’s your first time. In fact, every aspect of it is a completely different experience than what it’s like when accompanied by someone else. From dining at restaurants or trying new activities, to the actual flying part – doing it solo changes everything. However, that’s not to say it won’t be amazing.

safest destinations for solo travel
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Those who embark on solo travel adventures often describe the experience as incredibly liberating and invaluable, and while it certainly can be all of those things and more, one thing you need to consider even more when travelling on your own is safety. Is your dream destination a safe place to be by yourself?

To make your planning a lot easier, travel website has complied a list of the safest places in the world for solo travellers.

Their list was conducted by analysing each country’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and crime rates, as well as data showing how peaceful or hostile the country is in order to rank them fairly.

According to their results, these are the top 10 safest destinations for solo travellers to visit…

1. Singapore

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Singapore is not only the safest place for solo travellers but is considered one of the safest countries in the world. ‘All the best attractions are located within a single city,’ states the wegoplaces website. ‘There are various amazing places to visit, from the cosmopolitan Marina Bay to the exotic Gardens by the Bay. There is even a Universal Studios for anyone looking for a fun day out.’

2. Norway

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Norway comes in at second place thanks to its reputation of having next to no crime rates.  ‘Norwegians are very progressive and forward thinking,’ the report reads. ‘The country is remarkably welcoming to tourists and the number of people speaking fluent English speaks is nothing short of incredible.’

3. Iceland

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Anyone who has visited Iceland knows that it isn’t the cheapest place to visit. However, it certainly is one of the safest according to this list. Soak up some me time at the breathtaking lagoons and black lava fields in Reykjavik, just make sure you save enough money for it.

4. Finland

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‘Finland and its people are very laid back. Visiting during the summer is a great idea as the weather is much improved. You will see people enjoying a coffee or beer in the various outdoor bars and cafes throughout major cities like Helsinki,’ reads the report. ‘They’re very tourist friendly too, with most speaking good English. Locals are happy to help any solo travellers with directions or just to have a pleasant chat.’

5. Uzbekistan

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When it comes to safety, Uzbekistan ticks all the boxes according to ‘If you want a more unique travel destination, be sure to consider this central Asian country,’ they write. ‘Here you can find a destination with a fascinating and rich history that most are unfamiliar with.’

6. Hong Kong

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Despite it being one of the busiest cities in the world, Hong Kong is among the safest places to be. Immerse yourself into the luxury lifestyle of rooftops, five star hotels and endless skyscrapers with a visit to this bustling Chinese city.

7. Switzerland

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If you love outdoor adventures then Switzerland is the place for you. Here, you can ‘explore lakes, villages and high peaks of the Alps. Not to mention, cities with medieval quarters, ski resorts and hiking trails.’ Oh, and of course the safety levels are high thanks to ‘good transport links’ and ‘violent crime being very rare.’

8. Canada

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Everyone knows that Canadians have a reputation for being the nicest people, so you can make a guess as to why Canada is among the safest places for solo travellers. In fact, chances are you might even make some new friends while you’re there.

9. Indonesia

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Known for its beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons and jungles with tigers, elephants and orangutan, ‘Indonesia offers solo travellers an exotic adventure with a sprawling archipelago nation of islands to explore,’ reads the report. The country is one of the safest in its region and the world.

10. Denmark

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It’s pretty clear by now that Scandinavia is the safest place in the world according to this list. As well as Norway and Finland, Denmark is yet another incredible destination for solo travellers to enjoy – particularly the country’s capital Copenhagen which is home to the famous Nyhavn harbour, Tivoli theme park and endless dining and nightlife experiences. ‘Denmark is very safe destination in both urban and rural areas,’ states the report. ‘The likelihood of travellers facing serious threat is unlikely.’