Ryanair’s cabin bag policy has changed once again

If you’re flying with budget airline Ryanair in the near future, you may want to think about downsizing your usual carry-on. From 1 November, the company has made a change to their previous rules, stating that you may only bring one small personal bag on board in a bid to reduce flight delays caused by the lack of space in overhead lockers.

Want to bring a second bag to the gate, or end up bringing a ‘small’ bag that Ryanair deems to be too big? You’ll be charged a fee of £25 – which, in some cases, may be comparable to the cost of the actual flight itself.

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Back in January, Ryanair announced that passengers were allowed to to take a small ‘personal bag’ on board and store a second larger bag – such as a wheelie suitcase – in the hold free of charge. Now, that policy is coming to an end, and Ryanair is no longer allowing any luggage in the hold free of charge.

From today, if you wish to bring two cabin bags, you can pay £6 for a priority ticket, which ‘allows you to avail of the Priority queue and the only way to bring 2 bags into the cabin, 1 which fits under the seat in front of you and the other (max 10kg) which can be stored in the overhead locker.’

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There’s also a new 10kg check-in bag offering, which costs £8 and allows you to bring a bigger 10kg bag to be dropped off at the check-in desk, and be collected on the baggage carousel when you reach your destination. Ryanair say that this option is ‘ideal if you want to go hands free and avoid liquid limits at airport security’. Larger checked-in luggage will still cost £25 per bag.

There are some plus points – the maximum size of your free ‘personal bag’ has increased by 40 per cent, and is now 25cm x 20cm x 40cm, so it’s up to you how much space is enough. Do note, however, that this item must fit under the seat in front of you.

Ryanair claims that most passengers will be unaffected by the changes, as 30 per cent already buy priority boarding and a further 30 per cent travel with only a ‘personal bag’.

See the full cabin bag policy update at ryanair.com