Ruth Langsford just wore the £15 Primark dress of the season

Ruth Langsford knows a bargain when she sees one. That is, if her latest on-screen outfit is anything to go by.

The star, who is spending her summer co-hosting ITV’s This Morning with husband Eamonn, took to the set in a stunning pink floral dress with ruched sleeves and an asymmetric hem.

With its pretty fabric and statement details, you might assume at first glance that the item is an expensive investment piece. But thanks to Ruth’s regular #OOTD posts on her Instagram account, we know that the dress is actually from Primark, and is priced very reasonably at just £15!

The affordable choice won Ruth major praise from viewers: ‘such a pretty dress and from Primark! It’s gorgeous,’ wrote one fan of Ruth’s on Instagram, while a second said, ‘So glad to see an affordable high street retailer was used. The dress is gorgeous and it looks stunning on you.’

Ruth Langsford primark dress
Rex Features

‘Just shows when you wear it with style and panache you don’t have to wear designer labels to look fabulous ?? ?’ applauded a third. ‘Always love a bit of Primarni to add to your wardrobe ?’.

Another even said that they would be wearing the dress to their daughter’s wedding, proving you don’t always need to spend a fortune to look fabulous for a special occasion.

The only sad news is that you’ll have to head in store to get yours, because despite the rumours that began circulating of a click and collect service back in April, Primark doesn’t yet offer online shopping.

Ruth’s dress even served her well while interviewing Hollywood actress Jennifer Coolidge, who taught her the iconic ‘bend and snap’ move from 2001 comedy Legally Blonde.

‘I couldn’t have you here today without asking you, could you teach me?’ Ruth asked, to which Jennifer responded: ‘Oh yes sure. As long as there’s not a camera behind. You know what? Who cares if anyone sees!’

‘In the film this is how you attract a man’s attention,’ Ruth explained to Eamonn, although Jennifer then admitted: ‘It’s never really worked for me, it hasn’t gotten me somebody.’