Run for Heroes has launched a new 5K challenge to help the NHS and care workers

As the coronavirus pandemic surges on, we continue to stay every grateful to the brave and hardworking NHS staff working on the frontline of the outbreak, risking their lives to save those of others every day. So it’s no wonder many of us are looking for ways to do our bit to support our wonderful NHS and help others during this uncertain time.

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From the hugely successful #ClapForOurCarers campaign (which is now happening every week), to Becky Wass’ helpful postcard, lots of people are coming up with inventive ways to show or give support to those who need it.

Another hugely successful fundraising campaign has been Run For Heroes, where people are encouraged to run, walk or cycle 5K (while always observing the two metre social distancing rule) and then donate £5 to NHS Charities Together via the Run For Heroes fundraising page. Afterwards, you post a picture of yourself having competed your 5K to social media, tagging @run.for.heroes as well as five friends as a way of nominating them to do the same.

It quickly picked up huge traction on Instagram, with #runforheroes being used nearly 14,000 times on the social media platform so far.

The campaign, which was started by Olivia Strong in Edinburgh, has already spread far across the globe, reaching as far as Sydney, Dubai and New York. The original target of raising £5,000 was knocked out of the park within a mere five days, with the current total raised so far standing at an amazing and truly impressive £5,470,544.

And now there’s a new Run For Heroes challenge to take on: Faster Friday 5K. Launched in partnership with Strava, the popular running tracking app, this new leg of the challenge encourages people to run their 5K and then try to beat their time every Friday over five consecutive weeks.

Of course, participants are also being asked to donate £5 to charity, this time being The Care Workers Charity, via the dedicated Virgin Money Giving page.


The challenge is a great way to stay fit during lockdown while also raising money for a truly important cause. You can use the Strava app to track your progress and earn a special Run For Heroes badge each week you tackle your Friday 5K run.

Olivia told Marie Claire: ‘Our NHS workers are working tirelessly to protect us in this nerve-wracking time. I wanted to celebrate their efforts and raise money to help them continue the fight to save lives.

‘What started as a small fundraiser with friends has grown into a global movement. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported the cause so far and hope even more people get involved.’ Well done, Olivia.