Kate Middleton just made a telling joke about baby number four

Should fans of the Cambridge family should be bracing themselves for another round of royal baby joy? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child may be due imminently, but Kate Middleton, who is already mum to three gorgeous little ones with husband Prince William, just made a rather telling comment about the possibility of baby number four.

The duchess, who, with William, is currently enjoying a royal tour of Ireland, was on a walkabout in Ballymen when she met five-month-old baby James. ‘He’s gorgeous. It makes me feel broody,’ Kate told James’s dad Alan, who asked her about the prospect of baby number four.

However, the pair shared a laugh as she added: ‘I think William might be slightly worried.’

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William might take some convincing, but back in January, a report from Australian publication New Idea claimed that Kate is planning to expand her family, and is said to be keen to do so as soon as next year.

According to an insider, the couple, who celebrated the birth of third child Prince Louis last April, want to ‘complete their family’ with a new addition, and have reportedly been encouraged to add a fourth member to their brood after seeing the special relationship between first-born Prince George and daughter Princess Charlotte.

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‘Kate has seen the bond between George and Charlotte and thinks it would be lovely if Louis had a sister closer to his age,’ explained the source.

‘Kate is doing things her way but William has always supported her and will do anything to make her happy; that is a promise he made before they married,’ they added. ‘If she wants a fourth child he will go along with it, even though he complains about sleepless nights now!’

Families of four aren’t uncommon amongst the royals – William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II has three sons and a daughter, while Princess Mary of Denmark, whom Kate is thought to have a close relationship with, is also a mother of four.

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However, as Kate and William themselves have never, and would never, formally comment on the matter themselves outside of the odd joke at a meet-and-greet, there’s no solid indication that they’ll have another baby, so we’ll just have to wait for the always-exciting day when (if) an official announcement is published.

Kate has also previously opened up about the challenges all parents face when they start a family, calling the experience ‘so hard’.

‘You get a lot of support with the baby as a mother, particularly in the early days, but after the age of one it falls away,’ she said. ‘After that there isn’t a huge amount. Everybody experiences the same struggle.’