This £2 lucky dip is raising money for Black Lives Matter and the prizes are amazing

Remember the lucky dip bags of your childhood? Well, they just got a major upgrade, and the prizes up for grabs will surpass any of the sweets and toys you ever found inside those nostalgic plastic pouches.

Roop is a black-owned fashion brand that makes uses vintage and remnant fabrics to make gorgeous handbags based around the traditional Japanese cloth wrapping technique furoshiki.

Its founder, Natasha Fernandes Anjo, wanted to do something to raise money for all of the charities doing important work in black communities in light of the anti-racism movement – and in doing so has created a competition of epic proportions that supports a vitally important cause.

Natasha has teamed up with 50 (yes, 5-0) other Insta-famous retailers to offer an incredible package of potential prizes, which you can get into the running to win for the price of just £2 a ticket.

As well as a number of bags and scrunchies from Roop’s own highly coveted range, there’s an incredible array of jewellery, homeware, artwork, candles, gift vouchers, craft kits and even designer gems like a vintage Lulu Guinness beaded bag in the line-up.

‘Now more than ever we need to stand with the black community and support organisations helping to affect change now and in the future,’ Natasha says on the lucky dip Crowdfunder page.

In line with this, 100 per cent of proceeds from the draw will be split between Runnymede Trust,  the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank, and Reclaim The Block, an organisation in Minneapolis which aims ‘to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety’.

Want to be in it to win it? All you need to do is buy a lucky dip ticket – there’s no limit on how many you can purchase, and because prizes are broken down into first, second and third levels, you have three chances to win. The draw closes at midnight on 22nd June.

‘This is fun way to raise money but please don’t let your work stop here,’ Natasha concluded. ‘There are so many worthy causes needing you support, petitions that need signing and a commitment to continually educating ourselves and those around us.’