Rochelle Humes loves this £1 shower gel that ‘smells like you’re on holiday’

There have been a lot of things to miss throughout this unpredictable year – a sense of day-to-day normality, social interaction without a two-metre distance – but pretty high up on most of our lists has also been our usual summer holiday.

However, if you’re craving the beach life but haven’t managed to actually make it to sandy shores in light of the current situation, Rochelle Humes just recommended a fab beauty buy that will transport you to a far flung location as soon as you open the lid – and what’s more, it’ll only set you back £1.

Rochelle Humes shower gel
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The product in question? Nivea’s Shower Sunshine Love shower gel, which has similar notes to those you’d find in the brand’s signature suncream – hence the holiday nostalgia.

‘I bought this shower gel because it was on offer… I cannot tell you how nice this shower gel is,’ Rochelle exclaimed in her Instagram story. ‘It honestly smells like you are on holidays. If you’ve missed the beach like we all have, grab yourself a load of these’.

Rochelle Humes nivea shower gel
Instagram/Rochelle Humes

The bargain shower gel is available from a range of retailers, including Boots (where it is currently sold out) Savers and even Asda, meaning you can get your sunshine fix the next time you stop in to do an essential shop or place an order online.

Rochelle’s not alone in her love for the formula – on the Boots website alone there are currently almost 80 five-star reviews and dozens of comments from shoppers declaring how brilliant it is.


Nivea Sunshine Love Shower Gel

Nivea Sunshine Love Shower Gel, £1, Savers

‘This is a really fun shower gel. I was a little suspicious initially at the buzz I was hearing that it smelled just like a holiday or like sun cream, and for the price I thought I’d give it a go,’ says one. ‘It turns out it really does remind you of a sunny summer holiday and it can provide a little happy boost in the shower or bath using it.’

‘I love this product,’ agrees another. ‘The fragrance is so summery really captured summer in a bottle! Easy to use, good lather washing off well. Lasts decent time too. Cheers you up even on a dull day!’