Rochelle Humes’ £28 New Look dress is set to be a sell-out

There aren’t many women who wouldn’t want to follow in Rochelle Humes’ fashion savvy footsteps – and The Rochelle Edit, her collection with high street hero New Look, is making it easier than ever to emulate her looks.

From brilliant basics to stand-out party pieces, Rochelle’s latest autumn collaboration with the brand is packed with goodness. We caught up with the presenter and mum-of-two to chat all things style, beauty, and motherhood – and, of course, find out the one hero piece from the range that she thinks will fly off the shelves…

Hi Rochelle! First things first – which piece from your collection do we need to snap up before it sells out?
Ooh that’s a very good question. I think the leopard print tux dress – it’s a good little party one!

New Look

Dress, £27.99

It’s the time of year when we’re focused on autumn fashion – what trends do you think will be big this season?
Print. It’s always a good time for animal prints like leopard print and snakeskin. Checks are another big trend, like different tartans for example – there’s a lot of that everywhere.

Aside from New Look, what are your three favourite high-street stores?
It depends for different things really. Zara’s a good one, Topshop and then my other would be like a beauty one, like a Superdrug or something.

New Look

Coat, £39.99, top, £19.99, jeans, £25.99

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
Instagram. It’s a bit dangerous because you follow someone and then all of a sudden you’ve clicked on the link in their bio or swiped up and ordered the exact same outfit because it looks nice [on them]. That’s sort of the way the world works now! You can also find so many different ways to [style something] – you may have bought something that they wear in a total different way to the way you would.

Are there any influencers that you particularly follow or is it mainly just brands?
Oh, all different. I like to look for people that I don’t normally follow; it’s always the bloggers to me that only have like a few thousand followers, not the ones that have half a million or two million. I feel at that point they’re working and it’s just ads, which is fair enough but the ones with less [seem more authentic].

New Look

Jumpsuit, £29.99

Are there any fashion moments you regret?
Oh my god, yes. So many. I regret rocking a lot of the stuff I did when I was pregnant with Alaia. When I was pregnant with Alaia I was still in The Saturdays and gigging and probably trying to keep up with the other members. When I look back I’m like ‘what was going on?!’ I was wearing bodycon and heels and it’s like ‘dude, you’re literally about to push a baby out’. I mean I gave it a good go – but yeah, it’s just like ‘okay, you can just chill out, you’re pregnant, like what are you doing?’

Are your daughters into fashion and beauty?
Oh my goodness yeah, but I think that comes from just watching me and what I do. My youngest wants to copy my eldest and my eldest wants to copy me, so it’s like a chain. I remember watching my mum put make-up on or trying to put her shoes on and falling over in the kitchen – that sort of thing.

New Look

Coat, £54.99, top, £8.99, jeans, £10, bag, £22.99

How do you feel about your daughters on social media?
I don’t show my kids on social media. I never have and I’m not against anyone who does it’s just for me, and my little family, I just find it’s quite an exposed place, and I don’t want to put them in situations that I can’t rectify later. It’s not a place for kids, they’ll have enough worries when they want their own (Instagram) and that will be a bridge I will cross – but for now, they don’t know what it is and I quite like that.

Have you thought about what age you’d let them use it?
I’m lucky because I’ve got friends who have older kids than me that are just starting to go on Instagram so like I’m going to learn from them and see how it works out. You don’t want them to be left out. I thought I would never let [Alaia] use an iPad but she does – we’re in 2018, even in school they’re learning things on tablets so what are you going to do? This is a whole new concept and even my mum’s like ‘ooh, I don’t know, it wasn’t around when you were little’. No one’s really got the answer yet.

New Look

Jumper, £24.99, skirt, £19.99

What are your go-to beauty or skincare products? 
Because I’ve grown my hair out but I’ve got quite a few under-the-skin bumps from using leave-in conditioner, so I’ve been using an exfoliating cleanser from Harley Street Skin – I sometimes go to their clinic for a facial too. Then I’ve been using a Vitamin C serum to stop breakouts, and then a good moisturiser. My skin’s quite dry so I like Rodial. I’ll use coconut oil a lot as a night cream and eye cream, and I’ll just get it from the supermarket – with bodycare or clothes, I’m very high street but with my face, I’ll invest as you really have to look after it.

Would you go into beauty and launch your own range?
Well I’m fronting John Freida’s campaign at the moment but I’m also doing my own kids range, which I can’t talk about too much yet, early next year. I’ve been working across it for two years and it will be for kids, babies and expectant mums. It’s great – it works for kids with curls and it’s got no nasties, which is really exciting but it’s taken so long to get it right!

You can shop the full Rochelle Edit at New Look online and in stores now