This £8.99 product is the hardest-working buy in Rochelle Humes’ make-up bag

On This Morning this week, Rochelle Humes revealed a very behind-the-scenes secret. During a beauty segment, the star was speaking to make-up artist Bryony Blake, who said ‘Rochelle does her own makeup, don’t you Rochelle?’

Rochelle went on to confirm that while her face looks as gorgeous and glossy as anyone who’s had an expert applying their products, her make-up for the programme is actually all DIY. Seriously impressed? Us too.

Rochelle Humes
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So after she shared this information, we were naturally very interested in exactly what mum-of-two Rochelle is using to achieve such amazing – and seemingly effortless – results. And according to a previous interview with The Sun, one of her favourite buys is a multitasker that’s intended for babies, but works wonders on her own skin too.

Rochelle told the paper that she ‘swears by’ Burt’s Bee’s Multipurpose Ointment: ‘It’s so mild that I can use it on the kids – and on myself as a highlighter or lip balm!’ she explained.

Teamed with Garnier’s Sensitive Skin Micellar Water – another snip at just £5.99 – Rochelle maintains her flawless complexion, although she does splurge on Elemis’s Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment, £45, to defend herself from tiredness after those early starts.

Her make-up is also slightly higher end – at the time, she listed Laura Mercier’s £30.50 Radiance Foundation Primer (for ‘an instant boost of radiance and a healthy glow’) and Fenty Beauty’s £16 Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow (‘the most perfect nude lip gloss ever, which looks good on all skin tones’) among her favourites.

Rochelle Humes Burt's BeesMultipurpose Ointment, £8.99, Burt’s Bees

In September last year, Rochelle let YOU on another more affordable beauty tip – using coconut oil in her routine.

‘I’ll use coconut oil a lot as a night cream and eye cream, and I’ll just get it from the supermarket,’ she said. ‘With bodycare or clothes, I’m very high street but with my face, I’ll invest as you really have to look after it.’