Very is selling an affordable dupe for this cult Rixo sequin dress

Rixo is known for its gorgeous day dresses and excellent party pieces, and the brand has become synonymous with bridging the gap between the high street and high-end designers. But its prices still can be a little steep, particularly when it comes to party wear.

The good news is that the high street sometimes produces an expertly designed dupe, and this latest one by Very is quite possibly the best yet.

Very Rixo dupe dressV by Very Ombre Sequin Dress – Silver, £60, Very

The Ombre Sequin Dress by V by Very is an excellent high street alternative to Rixo’s hit Coco Ombre Sequin, which retails for a slightly eye-watering £375. Very’s dress, on the other hand, was originally £120 (already saving you £255), and has now gone down in the sale to £60, making it half price. If that’s not a brilliant deal, we don’t know what is.

Coco – Ombre Sequin Blouson Sleeve Midi Dress, £375, Rixo

The original Rixo party piece is undoubtedly special, and was first designed for their Disco Daze AW18 collection. It has distinct Studio 54 vibes with its standout blue ombre sequins, voluminous sleeves, and nipped in waist. The dress became so popular for Rixo, they had to bring it back for party season this year.

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Fans have been showing off their looks on Instagram ever since it was released, and proving it really is the perfect ‘wow’ party piece that’ll get you attention for all the right reasons!

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But if £375 feels a little too pricey for you however, the V by Very dress is an amazing alternative that’s very similar visually, for a fraction of the price. The sequins are slightly paler blue, and take a silver tone at certain parts of the dress, but the below-the-knee length, high neck, and voluminous sleeves are all very similar. And at £60, you don’t have to feel guilty about forking out a lot of money for a dress you will only wear on super special occasions.

Pair it with some simple strappy silver sandals and you’re good to go. Roll on party season!