These revolutionary slippers will moisturise your feet as you wear them

Autumn is officially here and a cooler, wet climate has already come along with it (yes, we’re looking at you, Storm Ali). Once again, we’re ready to substitute our social calendars for a night of back to back period dramas and warm, wholesome meals.

Soft & Yoga

Most importantly, we’re ready to dig out our favourite knitwear and layer up which is why this latest invention sounds like the perfect addition to our winter comforts. French brand Soft & Yoga have released a new pair of slippers that might just change your life.

Unlike your average pair of slippers, these indoor shoes have been carefully designed to release an intense and natural moisturising or relaxing treatment as soon as they come into contact with your skin. Sounds confusing? Here’s how it works.

The slippers are available in two options – one pair are designed to moisturise your feet, while the aim of the other pair is to relax your feet. The former contains nourishing micro-capsules of apricot oil, shea extract and Vitamin E – all of which provide deep hydration and has strong anti-aging properties. The shea extract nourishes and protects, whilst vitamin E delivers an additional anti-ageing boost for the skin. And to make it extra pleasant, it it is accompanied by a lovely natural scent.

Soft & Yoga

As for the relation slippers, these contain micro-capsules of black pepper oil, arnica and wintergreen to relax and sooth, as well as shea extract for deep hydration. They also release a pleasant lavender fragrance so your feet will be both feel relaxed and have a gorgeous flowery scent. These are priced at £24, while the moisturising slippers will cost you £23.

However, as we approach the season of self-indulgence, why not treat yourself to both? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be sending a lot more time in the comfort of your own home. And from the sounds of these slippers, they’re the perfect way to get your ‘hygge’ on.

The slippers will be available to buy at Soft & Yoga from 1 October.