The best reusable cups, thermos travel mugs and KeepCups for outdoor socialising

The nation is counting down the days until lockdown restrictions are lifted and if all goes to plan, from the 29 March we should be able to socialise outdoors with up to 6 people or two households. Ever the optimists, we’re already thinking about planning our first picnic in the park, even if it’s still a bit chilly, and making sure we’ve got everything we need including reusable cups, thermos travel mugs and KeepCups, to go as soon as we get the green light.

We’re not the only ones, either. Last week, John Lewis revealed sales of tinted moisturiser have surged and, this week, the brand has seen an uplift in sales of reusable coffee cups. Sales of thermos travel mugs have also seen an increase of 58 per cent while travel mugs and KeepCups followed closely behind.

Though it’s tempting to buy a hot drink from a local coffee shop before embarking on a stroll it can become an expensive habit.

Not only does using a reusable cup cut down on plastic waste and save you money then, but it also comes in handy for picnics, walks, or the school run.

Worried about leakage in your handbag? We’ve had a scout for the best reusable cups and travel mugs that are spill-proof, sturdy and stylish.

The best reusable cups, Thermos travel mugs and KeepCups:

Travel mug

Geometric Bamboo Travel Mug 480ml, £7 (was £10), John Lewis

Eco-friendly travel mugs don’t have to be boring. This stylish alternative is made from natural bamboo and has a handy band around the outside to absorb heat. Plus, it’s currently on sale.

Travel mug

Kate Spade New York Thermal Mug, £16, John Lewis

This initial collection Kate Spade thermal mug is a bestseller for John Lewis. Avoid anyone else using your BPA-free travel mug by adding a personal touch.

Travel mug

Aladdin Leak-Lock Travel Cup 350ml, £16, John Lewis

Ever struggled to fit your reusable mug under the coffee machine? This compact travel mug fits under almost all of them. The lid is leak-proof and the stainless steel body keeps drinks hot for up to 3 hours or keeps them cool for up to 5 and a half hours.

Travel mug

Chilly’s Insulated Travel Mug 340ml, £20, John Lewis

Using advanced double-wall vacuum technology, this Chilly’s cup keeps drinks at the perfect temperature for longer and preserves freshness.

Travel mug

KeepCup Reusable Glass Coffee Cup / Travel Mug 227ml, £21, John Lewis

Coffee aficionados, this one is for you. KeepCups are known for being the first barista-standard, BPA-free, reusable cup that fits under coffee machines. The cork band is light, antibacterial, biodegradable and has super thermal qualities.

Tefal Leak-Proof Stainless Steel Travel Mug 360ml, £25, John Lewis

This travel mug keeps drinks hot for up to 4 hours and cold for up to 8 hours, thanks to a vacuum-insulated double-walled stainless steel liner. Drink from the mug at the press of a button, and once the lid is closed, it’s fully leak-proof.