Queen of rom-coms Meg Ryan is bringing our favourite film genre back

From Sleepless in Seattle to 10 Things I Hate About You, romantic comedies spent decades as the staple entertainment of every teen girl’s life. In fact, even now we’re proper grown-ups, we’re still very happy to curl up in front of a surprise Channel 4 rom-com.

It’s a bit like our enjoying our favourite comfort food or a wrapping our hands around warm cup of tea – there’s a cosy, predictable and soothing aspect to those old romantic comedies, where we know that in the end, all will be well.

sleepless in seattle

Recently however, it seems the genre has rather fallen out of favour – or become so naff that even we can’t suspend our disbelief and absorb ourselves in the action. This is why we – and many others – were extremely pleased to hear that the queen of rom-coms herself, Meg Ryan, is bringing the genre back, by starring and directing in a new romantic comedy.

meg ryan

The star of films including When Harry Met SallySleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail is returning alongside David Duchovny (of X-Files fame), in a film called What Happens Later. She announced the news in an Instagram post sharing the film’s poster, with the caption ‘HERE WE GO’.

It’s Meg’s first film since 2015’s Ithica, and according to Variety will put an ‘evolved and nostalgic’ spin on the rom-com genre.  What Happens Later is based on Steven Dietz’s play Shooting Star, which follows two ex-lovers who reuinte after being snowed in at an airport overnight.

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Speaking about romantic comedies in 2019, Ryan told New York Times Magazine: ‘I’m aware now that romantic comedies are confections, but they have construction. There’s architecture. It’s not something I was aware of back then.’

She’s not the only big star to be giving the rom-com world another whirl. Julia Roberts is also returning to the genre this year, starring in Ticket to Paradise alongside George Clooney.

Pass us the popcorn…