You can now return unwanted Bounty chocolates from your Celebrations tub

It’s nearly Christmas time, which means there are going to be chocolate boxes aplenty wherever you go. Whether you prefer tucking into a tin of Cadbury’s Roses, a box of Heroes or a tub of Celebrations, there’s usually at least one miniature chocolate that gets left until last.

The Bounty chocolate bar, which you can find inside a tub of Celebrations, has the potential to cause divisions as big as the ol’ Marmite debate. But those who aren’t a fan of the coconut and chocolate combination are now in luck.

Celebrations chocolate

From January, you’ll be able to return any leftover Bounties and swap them for the mini Malteser Teasers instead.

According to a survey reported by Metro, Bounty is the nation’s least favourite chocolate in a box of Celebrations. 52 per cent of respondents said they pick it last, while 32 per cent admitted to throwing away the unwanted chocolates, which isn’t very eco-friendly.

Brits aged between 18 and 24 were found to dislike Bounty bars the most, with 44 per cent of them choosing it last from a Celebrations box. The Maltesers Teasers took the top spot as favourite, with 63 per cent of people selecting it first.

This revelation has meant that for the very first time, Mars Wrigley (the company that creates Celebrations) is offering a return scheme for rejected Bounty bars from the red chocolate tubs, in exchange for Maltesers Teasers.

The campaign from Celebrations has been named the Bounty Return Scheme, and is launching from 17 January 2022. It will be rolled out across Glasgow, London and Manchester.

To help launch the scheme, they’ve even created an advert influenced by Christmas romcom Love Actually, in which a lonely Bounty chocolate eventually finds companionship with a fellow rejected food – the Brussels Sprout. Yes, it really is as bonkers as it sounds.

‘I defy anyone not to fall in love with Bounty after they watch this heart-breaking film,’ says Cemre Cudal, Mars Wrigley’s Head of Christmas. ‘And if after all that, you still can’t bring yourself to love a Bounty this Christmas, we’ll take them back as part of our Bounty Return Scheme in January. Because no Bounty should be left alone at the bottom of a Celebrations tub.’