The Reese’s Pieces Easter egg is officially coming back

An especially happy Friday for peanut butter and chocolate fanatics, as the Reese’s Pieces Easter egg is officially coming back this year!

The milk chocolate shell of the egg is stuffed with Reese’s pieces (yum) and the box also comes with three full sized Reese’s bars (double yum).

The Reese’s Pieces Easter egg costs £8 and will be available exclusively in ASDA stores.

But the egg was so popular last year that it sold out entirely after just a short amount of time, and this year, there’s only a limited number. Prepare to fight in the aisles for your Reese’s Easter egg (while observing social distancing rules, of course).

The account @newfoodsuk shared the news on Instagram, saying: ’So Glad this Reese’s Pieces Egg is back again for Easter this year! Available at Asda very soon!’

Reese’s fans are already going wild at the news, with comments like ‘oh my god’, ‘I need this’, and many people tagging their loved ones asking for the chocolatey treat. One user even commented: ‘be grounds for divorce if I don’t get this’, and we think that’s absolutely reasonable.

That’s not the only treat Reese’s are gifting to us this year. They’ve also launched Mini Crème Eggs pouches, with mini chocolate eggs filled with a smooth peanut butter crème filling.

If you want to try out the Reese’s Mini Creme Eggs, or maybe miss out on the studded ASDA Easter egg, head over to Tesco where the standard Reese’s Pieces hollow egg is available exclusively and for £5. In the box, you’ll also get three Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs.

Reese's Easter egg

Or why not go PB crazy and try and get your hands on both Reese’s Pieces Easter eggs? Because there’s never such thing as too many Reese’s Pieces.