This woman used three products from the same beauty line to cure her acne

Fighting the ongoing, unpredictable battle with adult acne can be emotionally and physically draining – which is why most sufferers will take any tips they can get, from their doctor, friends and family, and often, the internet.

Reddit’s Skincare Addiction thread is full of stories and before-and-after pictures from people who’ve managed to treat their breakouts effectively, and recently, one post in particular has gained a lot of attention for showcasing a seriously impressive transformation.

Reddit First Aid Beauty acne

A user under the name of Iiwinterii shared the image of her face two years apart, revealing that one particular skincare range had made an enormous difference to her skin. ‘Two years apart, the First Aid beauty line has saved my ass!’ she wrote.

In the comment section below, she elaborated further, adding: ‘I use the Facial Radiance Pads, Ultra Repair Cream, and the Pure Skin Face Cleanser. Sometimes, I would use coconut oil in place of the moisturizer, and it’s worked good so far for me!’

‘My face is generally dry (especially around my nose) but I guess I would call it combination skin.’

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, £14, Feelunique

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, £24, Feelunique

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, £15, Feelunique

First Aid Beauty is a line that specifically targets skin issues such as acne, dry skin and eczema, all while being safe and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Marie Claire tracked down the user in question to find out more about her journey with the range, and how long it took. ‘I noticed my acne going down probably a couple months in [to my new routine],’ she told the title. ‘I only really had little red spots on my face, but not so many whiteheads that I could pop.’

She added that she hasn’t used any other products since starting her regime, because her existing combination ‘works like a dream’.

Iiwinterii isn’t alone is finding that First Aid Beauty was the answer to her sore, irritated skin – other users also shared their success with the collection, with one posting: ‘Your skin looks amazing! F.A.B. is such a great skincare line, they saved my skin as well. I’m in love with their Resurfacing Liquid & Coconut smoothie priming moisturizer atm.’

‘Wow, your skin is gorgeous!’ a second agreed. ‘I love the facial pads, too, and the Ultra Repair Cream helped me heal up some nasty discoid eczema.’

It took Iiwinterii two years to fully achieve her current clear, even skin, so even if you invest in the exact same products, it could take a while to achieve results. However, with a little patience, you may find that they make a world of difference – as they have for many other customers already.