This is the hair colour we’ll all be asking for in the salon, according to experts

We are so close to the grand reopening of UK hair salons up and down the country and whether you’ve managed to secure yourself an appointment or not, many of us are finally daring to let ourselves think about what we might ask for next time we walk into a salon once more.

red hair woman
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Naturally, many of us are just desperate to return to our pre-lockdown locks (goodbye roots and split ends!), but for others, coming out of lockdown marks a significant moment and they’ll be going for an entirely new look altogether to match. Which is why experts are predicting one hair colour in particular is going to skyrocket in popularity.

Speaking to Red, Adam Reed, UK Editorial Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, predicts that red hair is set to be a ‘massive trend’ this season – it’s been a rising star in the world of hair for a while now, with many celebs following suit, from Christina Hendricks to Sophie Turner. And according to Josh Wood, expert colourist and founder of Josh Wood Colour, search terms for ‘red’ are up 100 per cent since lockdown.

red hair salon
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The reason red hues are set to soar in popularity post-lockdown is because ‘it looks rich and expensive,’ Reed explains. Following the last few months of being deprived of life’s little luxuries, people will now be looking for ways to inject a bit of luxury back into their lives, and red hair is a great way to do just that.

red hair dye
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Reed describes red as a ‘full spectrum palette – ranging from beautiful coppers and gingers right through to gorgeous mahogany and bright red shades’. However, ‘going red’ isn’t the easiest of hair transformations to embark on. It’s well-known to be the hardest colour to maintain, so a top notch post-salon haircare routine is a must. And it’s worth remembering that different red hues suit certain skin tones better than others – red tones with cool undertones are great for darker and olive skin tones, while warmer-toned reds look great on natural blondes.