This bestselling Amazon serum has been hailed as a ‘miracle’ for eyebrow growth

Most of us have had a bad eyebrow phase at least once in our lifetimes – and most of us know that we’re just one over-plucking disaster away from re-living that beauty nightmare once again.

But luckily, if the worst does or indeed already has happened, there is a genius product on the shelves that has been hailed for swiftly growing your brows back into shape.


RapidBrow Eye Brow Enhancing Serum, £23.38, Amazon 

RapidBrow’s Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is currently a bestseller on Amazon and for good reason. The product has been hailed as a ‘miracle’ worker, ranking up hundreds of five star reviews for its impressive ability to regrow eyebrow hair.

As stated in the product description, RapidBrow is a ‘high performance eyebrow enhancing serum formulated with a distinct Hexatei two complex’. The formula is clinically proven to  help improve the appearance and density of your brow hairs, and promises results in just 60 days if you apply it twice a day.

All you have to do is look at the before and after pictures left in the Amazon reviews section by happy customers for proof on just how effective the serum is.


‘The results are incredible,’ one wrote. ‘My eyebrows are almost bushy – something I never thought I would say, they have thickened and now I can actually shape them into something that doesn’t resemble a slug.’

‘It really worked! I religiously put this on morning and nighttime hoping for a miracle on my brows, and I got it!’ another exclaimed. ‘Even just after a month of using the serum I can already see major improvement on my brows. The other reviews were also true. It works to elongate lashes too. I have recommended this to my sister because she also has sparse.’


Meanwhile a third reviewer agreed: ‘I was quite sceptical about buying this as although it had mainly good reviews I still wasn’t sure that something can promote hair growth, but it certainly changed my mind!’

‘I am so pleased as I was looking at getting them tattooed which is very expensive so this product is a drop in the ocean by comparison!’ So if you’ve been thinking of going down the same path, it might be worth giving RapidBrow a go first.