Rainbow Christmas trees: The colourful trend that’s set to be huge for 2019

Not only do we have alternative advent calendars galore, but alternative Christmas trees are apparently a now thing too.

Gone are the days where we decorated our homes with just a traditional pine tree – instead, rainbow Christmas trees are taking over as a major trend in the world of festive decor.


Retailers such as Argos are leading the way in making them a hit this Christmas, particularly after popular Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK shared an image of a multicoloured design from the store.


Argos Home Rainbow Christmas Tree 5ft, £35, Argos

Almost immediately, the post was met with over 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments with divided opinions about the tree. Some declared it not traditional enough for their tastes, but the overwhelming response was mainly positive, with many wanting to get one for their own homes.

‘I’m getting this tree! I love it,’ one user commented under the post, while another wrote: ‘I think it’s fab!’ Similarly, a third echoed: ‘This is sooooo awesome!!! That’s our Xmas tree sorted this year!’

The five-foot tree is sold for just £35 at Argos and has been introduced as a ‘great way to break with tradition and celebrate Christmas in your own way.’

It is of course bursting with colour which means you won’t have to do much when decorating it – not that that will stop the colour enthusiasts amongst us, we’re sure. Whether you choose to continue the bold hues into your baubles and tinsel is entirely up to you – there’s plenty of inspiration on Pinterest already to get you started.

Of course, Argos isn’t the only retailer to be selling rainbow trees this year. Here are a few other brands that are making the most of the unusual festive trend too…


Shiny Rainbow 5ft Christmas Tree, £27.50, Paperchase