Quickfire: Comedian Alex Horne on Gary The Gorilla, losing his trousers and a ‘week’ joke


Guilty pleasure? Spicy Nik Naks or Scampi Fries. I fill the car with them.

Where is home? A detached Edwardian family house in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, with my wife Rachel and our three sons, aged five, seven and nine.

Career plan B? A journalist – I spent six months working on local newspapers in Sussex.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? Shane MacGowan – it’s the teeth.

Biggest bugbear? People’s addiction to their mobile phones.

As a child you wanted to be…The Liverpool footballer Ian Rush. I was a fan from the age of six.

Secret to a happy relationship? Marry the right person.

Your best quality? Making the best use of my time.

And your worst? Schadenfreude.

Most romantic thing you’ve ever done? Getting married – it’s not so much the proposal or the ceremony, but the commitment that marriage represents.

Last meal on earth? I don’t mind as long as it includes plenty of sausages.

Dream dinner-party guest? Rather than risk inviting some famous person from history, who I might not get on with, I would just have my friend [fellow comedian] Tim Key.

Advice to teenage self? Don’t cut your hair. It was quite long until I was 16 and I would have liked to keep it that way for a bit longer.

Cat or dog? Definitely dog, but with three young children it would be too much.

On a day off we’d find you… On a long, aimless walk around the Chilterns, which are on my doorstep.

Starstruck moment? Meeting Harry Hill for the first time backstage at a gig about 15 years ago. He’s a hero of mine.

Big break? Winning a Christmas cracker joke writing competition. My entry was, ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – ah, those were the days.’

Career highlight? Recording a performance by my band the Horne Section at the London Palladium earlier this year for a TV show.

Most embarrassing moment? Being made to sit on a cake wearing no trousers by Liza Tarbuck in the last series of Taskmaster.

Favourite tipple? I’m getting into single malt whisky.

Hangover cure? Go back to bed and have more sleep.

Top of your bucket list? To go up in a hot air balloon or a helicopter.

Secret skill? Wood carving.

One thing that would make your life better? An extra month between August and September.

Philosophy? It doesn’t matter – in other words, don’t take things too seriously.

Biggest lesson you’ve learnt about money? Listen to my wife. I’m very bad when it comes to finances.

Where would you time travel to? I did classics at university so would go to Ancient Rome to find out how Latin was actually spoken.

First record you bought? Kylie Minogue’s first album, Kylie.

Most extravagant purchase? A gypsy caravan on Ebay that I planned to use as an office. When it arrived it was just four feet high, so that didn’t work out.

Best present you ever received? Gary, a life-size gorilla made of resin that my manager gave me last year.

Biggest fear? Sharks – I’m sure they’re going to get me one day.

Celebrity crush? Carol Vorderman.

Happiness is… The anticipation of having a fry-up.

Alex will co-host a new series of taskmaster on Dave at 9pm from 5 September