Questions we want answered by And Just Like That season two

Few TV shows have been surrounded by as much conversation as the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That. While many critics were rather scathing, most SATC fans seem to have got on board with the comeback version, agreeing that after a couple of clunky episodes, we warmed up to the drama following Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda in their fifties.

Luckily, it sounds like season two isn’t out of the question, with Sarah Jessica Parker confirming that she and Michael Patrick King (the show’s writer, director and executive producer) have been chatting about another series.

SJP told Variety: ‘Michael and I spoke two weeks ago, and said: “OK, when are we going to talk about this?”…you don’t want to let too much time pass. There feels like there’s a momentum.’


There certainly is – we’re only human, and after season one we still want – no, we NEED – answers. So dear SJP and co – here are a few questions we’d like to raise for series two, if you please (spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished season one!)

Things we need to know from And Just Like That season two…

When do we get the old Miranda back?

Yes, we know it’s not entirely original to wonder WTF happened to Miranda in And Just Like That. But, while we’re happy to see her following her heart and finding romance with Che, the new lovesick, starry-eyed Miranda is a bit of a shock to the system, given she used to be Carrie’s most straight-talking, cynical friend. Can we have a bit of the old Miranda back please? Just a smidge more cynicism?

Will Steve find love again?

Altogether now: POOR STEVE. He’s had a bit of a bad run of things in season one of And Just Like That, not only have his sexual skills thrown into question (we refuse to believe that Steve Brady is bad in bed), but ultimately losing the love of his life as Miranda goes on a quest to discover her new self. If there’s another series of the show, we want some good luck for Steve please.

Where will the Samantha storyline go?

Series one ended with Carrie and Samantha finally agreeing to meet up for a drink, after lots of back and forth messaging with Carrie desperately trying to win her old friend round. But, with no suggestion that Kim Cattrall will ever return to the SATC fold, how will this storyline play out? Will Samantha forever be messaging from across the Atlantic, but on increasingly friendly terms?

Will we see the return of any more old characters?

We’ve already seen Bitsy von Muffling and Big’s ex-wife, Natasha, pop up in season one. So who’ll be dropping by if season two gets the green light? From Trey MacDougal to Jack Berger, there are plenty of weird and wonderful characters who could make an appearance. Or perhaps – dare we say it – might the return of Aidan be on the cards?

Is Carrie going to go for the teacher or the podcast producer?

When Carrie started dating a very sweet teacher in season one, we thought her relationship trajectory was heading in one direction – until the series closed with her kissing her podcast producer in the lift. Perhaps a love triangle will be on the cards; that would be extremely Carrie.

Will Anthony find a new man?

After the sad death of Willie Garson, his character, Stanford, is off the scene, leaving Anthony single. We can’t imagine that single status will last for long if there’s a season two…

Can they explain how a pre-recorded podcast’s only feature is getting listeners to call in live?

Yes, we are as confused by the format of Carrie’s new podcast as you are.

When will Rabbi Jen’s spin-off air?

Obviously the most important question of them all. In the final episode of season one, Charlotte hired transgender Rabbi Jen to lead Rock’s ‘they-mitzvah’. While the ceremony didn’t go quite to plan, it has left fans calling for a Rabbi Jen spin-off, and we are totally here for it. A spin-off from a spin-off? Why not.