The Queen will miss this 900-year old tradition during her Balmoral visit this year

Every summer, The Queen heads up to Scotland to enjoy the warmer months at her Balmoral estate. Just this week, she made her way over and arrived to be greeted with an adorable Shetland pony as she entered the grounds. But while tradition is deeply important within the royal family, this year a long-standing one will be missed during The Queen’s summer stay.

queen at Balmoral
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While The Queen is known to steer clear from any official engagements so she can fully relax during her summer visit, there is one thing she is known to do every summer since she was a child: attend the Braemar Gathering. At said gathering, the Highland games take place, which have been tradition for hundreds of years. In fact, the Braemar Gathering has been running since 1832.

Unfortunately however, the event is having to be cancelled for the second year running due to Covid precautions; a decision not taken lightly by the founders.

Braemar Gathering

‘This has been an extremely difficult decision to make. To cancel a gathering is something which I had hoped I would never have to do in my time as President. Now, to cancel for a second year is heart-breaking,’ the event’s website read.

‘As I said last year, like the hills around Braemar, the gathering will be here next year, and we look forward to happier times and to welcoming you back to Braemar on September 3, 2022,’ explained President of the Braemar Royal Highland Society, David Geddes.

queen at Braemar Gathering
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The Queen has often been photographed at the occasion enjoying the games, sometimes with other family members like Charles and Camilla. She is regularly snapped laughing and in good spirits, so it’s a shame the occasion will have to be missed this year. However given how beautiful her Balmoral estate is, we’re sure she’ll find plenty more to do!