It could soon become a lot easier to fly to Australia from the UK

Of all of the places you could travel to from the UK, Australia is one of the most incredible – but it’s also one of the most expensive and furthest away.

However, if you’ve dreamed of jetting to Oz for the first time (or you’re a seasoned visitor looking for an easier route for your return), there’s a new flight in the works that could make your journey a lot more straightforward.

Qantas Airways boss Alan Joyce has revealed that the airline is investigating the possibility of a 20-hour direct flight between London and Sydney, as they now have vehicles ‘that could do it’.

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The development is part of Project Sunrise — Qantas’ plan to fly non-stop to between Australia’s east coast and London, Paris and New York by 2022.

‘We’re challenging ourselves to think outside the box,’ he told Bloomberg. ‘Would you have the space used for other activities – exercise, bar, creche, sleeping areas and berths? Boeing and Airbus have been actually quite creative in coming up with ideas.’

‘I’m actually confident that it will get there and we will have aircraft in 2022.’

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At the moment, it takes a minimum of 22 hours to make the trip, and you’ll always have to make a connection – so the new direct service could make a significant difference if and when it is made available.

Quantas already offers a 17-hour non-stop flight between London and Perth on its Dreamliners, and has said that it’s the ‘highest rating service’ and that ‘customers love it’.

At the launch event for the flight back in March, Joyce said: ‘Qantas has been preparing for this moment for 98 years… [since] we were founded in 1921.’

‘When Qantas created the Kangaroo Route to London in 1947, it took four days and nine stops. Now it will take just 17 hours from Perth non-stop.’