8 foods to try if you love prosecco

Britain is a nation of dedicated prosecco lovers. According to recent research, 35.8 million gallons of prosecco were sold in the UK in 2017, and our obsession shows no signs of slowing.

It’s therefore unsurprising that a new generation of prosecco flavoured foods has appeared on the shelves of our supermarkets and gifting stores, with everything from candy to ready meals getting an injection of the fizzy stuff.

The big question is – no matter how much you love it in a glass, how many of these eight weird and wonderful edible prosecco products would you dare to try?

Prosecco gummies

Sugarsin Prosecco Gummies Pouch, £2.99, Lakeland

Dubbed ‘gummy sweets for grown-ups’, these chewy bites are flavoured with fizzy sugar crystals for the same bubbly experience, without the alcohol content. We defy you to eat just one.

Prosecco cheese

Wensleydale with raspberry and prosecco, £4.50, The Great British Cheese Company

Not only is this cheese infused with the nation’s favourite tipple, it’s a standout choice for any platter thanks to its colour – beneath the wax seal, the inclusion of raspberry gives the block a rich, vibrant pink shade.

Prosecco caramel sauce

Prosecco caramel sauce, £2.99, Joe & Seph’s

Smooth caramel sauce made with fresh double cream, infused with the finest Italian prosecco – heaven! Drizzle it over ice cream, spread it onto a homemade cake or spoon it straight from the jar into your mouth – the choice is yours.

Prosecco jam

Rose petal and prosecco jelly, £9.95, Fortnum & Mason

Prefer your spreads on the fruity side? This Turkish-delight-esque jelly is summer in a jar. Fortnum’s say it’s ‘a pleasure on a soft scone with the finest clotted cream’, and that’s a tip we’ll definitely be taking.

Prosecco crisps

Winter Berries and Prosecco Hand Cooked Crisps, £2, Marks and Spencer

Prosecco and potato might not sound too delectable at first glance, but these surprisingly moreish nibbles have been a hit at M&S for the last few years, thanks to their fizzy finish and festive sprinkling of edible gold stars. Sadly, they’re not a year-round delicacy, and are typically only available as part of the Christmas range – so we’re crossing our fingers for 2018.

Prosecco sole

Sole Stuffed With Crab & Prawn In A Prosecco Sauce, £6, Morrisons

Think of classic white wine sauce and suddenly this bake-at-home fish dish makes a whole lot more sense. With the addition of West Country mature Cheddar and prosecco in the béchamel, this is a sole to serve for a special occasion.

Prosecco pops

Pops Bellini Prosecco Ice Popsicle, £5.99, Ocado

With half a glass of prosecco and only 77 calories in every pop, these are the perfect refreshing summer treat. However, be warned that unlike many prosecco flavoured foods, the alcohol packs a real punch, with an ABV of 3.8 per cent.

Prosecco marshmallows

Raspberry And Prosecco Gourmet Marshmallows, £5.95, Etsy

What could be better than a soft, pillowy cube of marshmallow? A soft, pillowy cube of marshmallow steeped with prosecco, if you ask us. You can even enjoy these special edition mallows toasted – prosecco smores, here we come…