Prosecco Dip Dabs are now a thing and they contain actual alcohol

Nothing brings on a bit of nostalgia as much as old school sweets – sherbet Dip Dabs in particular.

The sugary pouches have the magic power of taking us back to the good old days – the ones spent in the school playground or playing in the park with our mates. And that’s why you’ll be as excited as we are to hear that the childhood favourite has been given an adult makeover for us to enjoy all over again.

Smith & Sinclair

Double Dipper, £9, Smith & Sinclair

Confectionery brand Smith and Sinclair have created prosecco-flavoured Dip Dabs and yes, they contain real alcohol.

The special sweets are called ‘the double dipper’ and come with two prosecco lollipops as well as a raspberry-flavoured sherbet to dip them into. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s an additional peach bellini gel that contains 10% alcohol, making the overall experience all the more enjoyable if you ask us.

Their adorable millennial pink packaging also conveniently make them an excellent Valentine’s Day gift if you’re still looking for a last-minute present for your other half. Plus, nothing says ‘I love you’ like nostalgia delivered in the form of candy, and you might even get half back if your loved one follows the instructions.

‘We’ve made this Dipper to be shard with two lollipos,’ reads the back of the package. ‘You choose who gets to indulge in this Peach Bellini style Cocktail Dipper with you, an adult twist on an all-time favourite. Enjoy.’

The tasty (and tipsy) treats we brought back by popular demand following a previous launch last year. Priced at £9 a pack, they are available to over 18s online as well as in Smith and Sinclair stockists, which include John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Not On The High Street, Amazon and Yumbles.