This teeth whitening powder has over 8,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and is only £8.39 this Prime Day

We’re all on the hunt for that product that makes our teeth just a tiny bit whiter, brighter, and shinier. The problem is so many of these products are wildly expensive, and professional treatments can be even more pricey. So when an effective and affordable teeth whitening solution hits the market, it’s time to take advantage of that.

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The latest to garner rave reviews is the Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder by Pro Teeth Whitening Co, which costs a mere £8.39 on Amazon. The product is the world’s away from traditional whitening products, which contain strong chemicals including peroxide. This one, on the other hand, is completely vegan and natural, and uses (as its name suggests) charcoal to gently whiten, without bleach.

The powder has a peppermint flavour, and is apparently approved by UK dentists. You use it by simply dusting a little in the palm of your hand, before dipping your toothbrush into it and then brushing your teeth. After this, you are advised to then brush your teeth with some water to get rid of any leftover residue.

pro teeth whitening co activated charcoal powder

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder by Pro Teeth Whitening Pro, £8.39 (was £14.99), Amazon

The teeth whitening powder usually retails at £14.99 but is on promotion for Amazon Prime Day at just £8.39. A steal!

If you’re not convinced, just let some of the near 9000 Amazon reviews speak for themselves:

‘Only been using this for just under a week and I can honestly say I’ve noticed a difference, stains have started to disappear & my teeth appear whiter. I smoke and drink lots of caffeine so staining has always been an issue for me. My partner is so impressed with my results that he has now started to use it aswel. I’m excited to see the difference after a month if using it. Don’t expect a ‘Hollywood’ smile but I would definitely recommend that you try this product!!,’ wrote one Amazon user.

teeth whitening powderAnother shared that they ‘instantly felt a difference as to how clean my teeth felt and saw the whiteness improve after a few days.’

They did, however, advise electric toothbrush users to put the toothbrush with the product in your mouth first, before turning it on, otherwise, things can get a bit messy!