Princess Eugenie is launching a very important podcast

The royals have been known to switch up their traditional roles in recent years by exploring exciting new passion projects. Back in 2019, the Duchess of Sussex became the first royal to guest edit the September issue of Vogue, and announced days later she had collaborated with high street giant M&S on a new workwear collection.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been active in their work with the Heads Together charity and Kate has helped important research into children’s development with her Early Years survey. We all know the Duchess also has a passion for photography, which she brought to light by launching her Hold Still photography competition in 2020.

Now, Princess Eugenie has revealed that she is working on a new podcast. The 31-year-old granddaughter of the Queen is launching the podcast as part of her charity, The Anti-Slavery Collective.

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Eugenie, who teamed up with her best friend and charity co-founder Julia De Boinville for the new project, revealed the news in the charity’s monthly newsletter.

‘We were so excited to begin recording our long-awaited podcast this year, due to be released in 2022 so stay tuned!’ they wrote.

Princess Eugenie and Julia launched The Anti-Slavery Collective together in 2017, in the hope of making a significant change. On the official website for the charity, they explain: ‘We met on the bus going on a school trip and we knew that this was just the beginning of a life-long adventure and friendship! After following each other around the world, then to Newcastle University, and into our careers; in 2012 we went on a trip to Kolkata, India.’

‘We were shocked to discover the extent to which slavery still exists. In fact, there are more enslaved people today than at any other point in history, and at any one time someone is being trafficked within a mile of where you live. We often associate slavery with chains and shackles, but modern slavery is a hidden crime that is often hard to detect.

News of a podcast first came about in 2019, when Princess Eugenie posted about an audio series called Freedom United.

‘We are developing a podcast, Freedom United, and we will have a speaker series called Tech Tackles Trafficking,’ she said. ‘Now is the time to talk about this, this is already on everyone’s minds. If it isn’t, we are making it on their minds. We are doing this for the person who can’t scream and shout about their situation like we can.’

A launch date for the new podcast series is yet to be confirmed, but it looks like we don’t have long to wait.