Princess Diana has been honoured with a blue plaque in London

Diana, Princess of Wales, has been celebrated with an English Heritage blue plaque, in the year that would have marked her 60th birthday.

The charity has honoured Diana with a ‘memorial tablet’ at the flat in Chelsea where she lived before marrying the Prince of Wales in 1981 (as seen in series 4 of The Crown). She shared the flat with friends and is said to have had a sign above her door saying ‘Chief Chick’.

Princess Diana plaque
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Between 1979 and 1981, Diana lived in 60 Coleherne Court close to King’s Road with a number of friends. One of these friends was Virginia Clarke (previously Pitman), who helped unveil the English Heritage plaque during a ceremony on Wednesday 29 September 2021.

She said: ‘Those were happy days for all of us and the flat was always full of laughter… Diana went off to become so much to so many. It’s wonderful that her legacy will be remembered in this way.’

Princess Diana flat
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According to Andrew Morton’s book Diana, In Her Own Words, Diana described the years she lived in the three-bed flat as ‘the happiest time of her life’.

Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, also confirmed the plaque’s location on Twitter. ‘How very lovely that this blue plaque will be going up outside Coleherne Court – thank you,  @EnglishHeritage, for commemorating such a very happy place for Diana in this way,’ he shared back in April.

Diana was nominated by the London Assembly following a campaign asking Londoners to suggest women worthy of a blue plaque.

Anna Eavis, English Heritage’s curatorial director, said: ‘It was considered in the normal way and the panel felt it was a really good case. Diana is undeniably a really significant figure of the late 20th century. She made a huge impact and was very popular.’

Princess Diana
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Eavis also highlighted how Diana raised awareness of issues such as landmines and homelessness, and helped to destigmatise sicknesses such as HIV, leprosy and depression. ‘It seems fitting that we should erect a plaque commemorating her work and influence in what would have been her 60th year.’ Princess Diana would have been 60 on 1st July 2021.

As well as the Princess Diana blue plaque, English Heritage expect to put up 12 plaques for the London scheme this year, Eavis said. Half of them are to be for women as part of their ‘plaques for women’ campaign. Since the first blue plaque was erected 150 years ago, there are now over 900, but only about 14 per cent are for women.