This is how Prince Harry spent his Valentine’s Day without Meghan

It may have been their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were separated due to work commitments. As duty called, Prince Harry was away on a royal engagement in Norway on the special day – but that didn’t mean he forgot about his pregnant wife.

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In fact, Harry, who was in Norway as part of his duties as Captain General of the Royal Marines, was very much reminded of his other half and their love as the team of British troops he went to visit  on the trip created a ‘shrine’ of Meghan for the Prince.

The soldiers put together a selection of pictures from Harry and Meghan’s wedding day in a small makeshift shelter made entirely out of snow – they even lit candles and played some romantic music as they walked Harry into the room, as you do.

The entire thing was very sweet… or a little odd, depending on who you ask of course. But Harry for one seemed to find it quite funny, and slightly bizarre, as he looked pretty speechless.

Judging by his reaction, we’d even say he looked a tiny bit embarrassed. But if you can’t enjoy a shrine of your other half on Valentine’s day. when can you?

While Harry was visiting Exercise Clockwork, which is an annual winter training exercise that takes place 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle, Meghan and her bump were back in London having what we hope was a slightly less intense day.

The mum-to-be is currently preparing to fly out for a royal holiday to Morocco with her husband next week, which will be her last trip overseas before giving birth. According to Kensington Palace, the three day trip will ‘highlight the vital roles that girls’ education and youth empowerment are playing in and shaping, modern Morocco.’ Though we’re sure the couple will make some time for leisure, as it will be their last holiday before becoming parents.