Primark’s clever new paper bags can be reused as Christmas wrapping paper

If you’ve been missing your trips to Primark while current lockdown restrictions keep your local branch closed, here’s something to look forward to when you’re able to shop in store once again: the brand’s usual paper bags have been given a festive upgrade, and can now be reused as wrapping paper.

The novel innovation was shared on LinkedIn by Primark packaging and labelling coordinator Paul McConnell, who wrote: ‘Super excited to see this project land in stores this week! Primark’s large bag in a seasonal print that can be reused as gift wrap!!! Great project to work on.’

primark paper bag
Getty Images

While the store has used recyclable paper bags to pack its merchandise for several years, this new design marks the first time they’ve featured a pattern – in this case, a Christmassy candy cane-inspired stripe – to encourage customers to reuse them in this way.

And it couldn’t be simpler to go about creating your sheet – there’s a dotted line printed around the top of the bag which can be followed to remove the handles, leaving a leaf of crisp brown paper packaging that can be used for various shapes and sizes of present.

The idea has already captured the imagination of those on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, with some saying they even managed to get their hands on one or two before the shops near them closed for November.

‘I’ve kept my bags and they also have gift tags cut out on side as well,’ one noted, while another wrote: ‘Happy days – just need to figure out what to get now.’

Primark wrapping paper bags
LinkedIn/Paul McConnell

While some shoppers in Scotland and Wales may be able to pay their nearest Primark a visit now, as the rules vary, in England we’ll have to wait until December to see when we’ll be able to top up our paper stash with the new bags.

Fingers crossed Primark keeps the concept going even after Christmas has passed – from polka dots to stars, flowers and more, how lovely would it be if we could reuse our bags as birthday wrap too?