How to get a Primark bargain on Boxing Day, according to their staff

If Boxing Day means sale shopping to you, and in particular a good old rummage of high street fave Primark, then there are a few tips you might want to bear in mind for your big 26th December shopping spree – whether you’re hunting down that £10 Bottega Veneta dupe bag or these predicted sellout items, all of which you’ll take home in Primark’s genius bags that double up as festive wrapping paper.

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Primark employees and ex-employees have revealed their insider tips and tricks on the best ways to shop the budget high street store at Christmas time, including the infamous Boxing Day sale.

One such employee is Megan, a 27-year-old retail assistant from Chelmsford, who has recently spilled the beans to The Sun on her Primark shopping tricks that will help you make the most of your yuletide shopping spree.

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Having been a Primark employee for nearly six years, Megan knows just how quickly stock can sell out during the festive period – ‘in minutes’, in fact. ‘In our store we get a delivery at 5am which is worked as soon as it comes off the lorry,’ she revealed, ‘so the best time to come in would be as soon as the shop opens as that’s when the newest, latest stuff will be out in the full size range.’

She added that stores get daily deliveries Monday to Saturday, so if you can’t find something one day, it may well magically appear the next.

The Primark employee said that the busiest time for stores is between 11am and 3pm, so it’s best to avoid this time if possible. But she promises staff are working as hard as they can to keep the shelves constantly stocked throughout the day: ‘The shelves can be empty within minutes – it’s madness! We are all working extra hours to keep these shelves full though so please be kind to staff as it’s hard for us too. ‘

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She added: ‘Christmas is so much busier than any other time of the year, we have so much more stock coming in and all the staff are working really hard to keep the shelves full. I don’t think many people understand how quickly something can sell out in Primark.’

Former Primark employee Aimee agrees with Megan that the run-up to Christmas is ‘always manic’ – she recalls one Christmas when Primark’s ever-popular pyjama box sets had to be restocked on the shop floor every hour because they kept selling out quicker than the staff could restock the shelves.

So there you have it – your top Primark shopping tricks for nailing a successful Boxing Day haul are to shop early in the morning (avoiding the middle of the day at all costs), be kind to the staff and, as new stock comes in all the time, it’s always worth checking back the next day or later in the week for restocks of any missed opportunities.