Instagram is loving Primark’s £7 ‘WFH hammock’

By now, we’ve all got the hang of this working from home thing, right? And while the importance of sitting at a proper desk is clear, sometimes we just need a little comfort for those lazy days when other areas of the home are calling. We certainly don’t condone sitting on the sofa or in bed with your laptop often, but sometimes it just happens — and Primark’s new hammock adds a new seating option into the mix that you may not have considered before.

The beloved affordable brand posted a snap of their super cute pink hammock to Instagram, which instantly caught the attention of their legions of followers. Set up in an adorable corner, the picture showed the hammock covered in comfy cushions and it looks like the cosiest oasis to take some time on during your lunch break — or even to do some work on.

‘WFH = working from hammock. Hammock £7/€8,’ the caption read. It has so far racked up over 5,000 likes, with fans looking set to search for the hammock in their local store. ‘Best wfh idea ever,’ wrote one, while many others tagged loved ones in the post, suggesting places such as the balcony to house theirs.

We honestly can’t think of a better place to lie down and do our daily meditation, read a book or take a cheeky nap in the sun.

Primark hammock

Pink hammock, £7, Primark

The hammock — which is a mere £7 — comes with a pink drawstring bag, meaning it’s easy to carry around during the summer to BBQs and picnics or along with you for camping trips by the water.

The hammock is available to buy now from Primark stores, but we recommend snapping it up very quickly considering how popular it instantly became on social media.

This isn’t the first time Primark’s homeware has been a hit on Instagram, either. Back in June, the below rattan jug stole the hearts of Primark fans and received over 8,000 likes in one week.

The jug was a very close dupe to a rattan design from John Lewis, which cost £18 more than the Primark verison.