The brand new Primark website has launched with an online stock checker

If you’re anything like us, you love snapping up a bargain in Primark. We sure did miss the budget store during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, especially as the retailer doesn’t sell online so we had to wait in anticipation for those hallowed stores to finally open their doors once more.

Primark queue
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The fashion, beauty and homeware retailer does have a website, but it’s purely for browsing purposes only and you’ll always find much more in store than online, which means the best way to shop Primark is to get yourself to your closest store.

Because the brand launches new products every week, it used to be hard to know exactly what stock you would be met with in your local Primark, which can sometimes make for an exciting shopping experience as you come across hidden gems, but other times it can be frustrating if you’re looking for something in particular.

Well, that’s all changed now with the redesign of Primark’s website. As well as increasing the amount of stock showcased on Primark’s website, it also now hosts a stock checking function. This means that, ahead of your Primark visit, you can head online first and see what’s in stock at your local store, meaning you’ll never have a wasted trip again.

Primark website

Speaking about the new Primark website and online stock checker, the retailer said it’s been ‘created to better connect the journey between searching online and then shopping in store.

‘The new site features thousands of products from across Primark’s best-selling ranges, as well as a fresh design, enhanced navigation and a new feature that allows customers to check stock availability in their local store.’

A much wider selection of items are also available to view online, from fashion and accessories, to homeware and beauty.

Primark website online stock checker

Additional features will be rolled out to the new site in the coming months, including a customer account and log-in function, a newsletter showcasing all the latest Primark collections and news, and the ability to create a ‘Wishlist’ of favourite products.

There’s no talk of a home delivery service yet, but there are rumours of a click and collect function maybe coming in the future.

John Bason, finance director of Primark’s parent company, Associated British Foods, told Reuters: ‘We’re making the digital move forward in a very big way in both the UK and the rest of Europe. That will generate sales and profits for us.

‘Does this give us a capability to move further forward? Well let’s have a look at that.

‘If there was an e-commerce opportunity for us, it will probably be more in the area of click-and-collect.’

Mr Bason ruled out the possibility of Primark offering home delivery, saying that it wouldn’t be financially viable for the business.

‘You can’t get our value by delivery to home, it’s as simple as that,’ he said.