One of these budget mascaras leaves stores every 7 seconds

Do you know what’s even better than finding an amazing mascara that delivers great length and volume? Finding an amazing mascara that delivers great length and volume and leaves you with change from a £5 note – as Primark fans are discovering.

The store’s own brand beauty line, PS, unveiled a plethora of new mascaras at the beginning of this month, and since their arrival, the products have left stores at a rate of 5,000 per day – that’s a rather staggering one every seven seconds.

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The magic wands offer a range of coverage ranging from natural and fluttery to thick and intense, and with prices between £2 and £3, it won’t hurt to try a couple on your quest for your ideal match.

Customers on Instagram have been raving about the range on Primark’s Instagram posts, saying that they easily emulate the results of products four or five times their price.

One commented on the waterproof Aqua Lash mascara: ‘Love this and after usually spending £26 on Chanel usually I’m sold on this one.’

‘I love your aqua lash mascara! Been using it for a while now and its sooo good! I have sensitive eyes and it doesn’t irritate them at all,’ another agreed.

So, want to discover your lashes’ next bargain best friend too? Here’s just some of the Primark mascaras on the shelves now.

5 of the best Primark mascaras

If you want: length, volume and curl

3D Lash Effect Mascara, £2.50, Primark

If you want: waterproof

Aqua Lash Mascara, £2.50, Primark

If you want: dramatic lashes

Dramatic Lash Mascara, £2.50, Primark

If you want: false lashes in a tube

False Lash Queen Mascara, £3, Primark

If you want: a high-end dupe

Wonder Lash Mascara, £3, Primark